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Second parts were never good and Trump’s predecessors prove it


return of donald trump It was a recurring rumor fed by himself for a long time. Now after his announcement it has happened official who wants to return to the White House, To do so, he must first be nominated by the Republican Party as its candidate for president. 2024 election. What might happen is somewhat complicated to predict and even political experts don’t have the answer, but what can be done see backside and feel A few have tried to do what Trump wants and only one has succeeded.

After many rumors, it is now official, Donald Trump has announced his intention to become the presidential candidate again in 2024. (Photo: Associated Press Photo/Andrew Harnik)

If Trump were one of those people who thinks history is cyclical, he certainly wouldn’t have decided to run. it’s true, as he does political man In a comprehensive report, there aren’t enough cases to establish a trend or try to predict what will happen to the former Republican president’s political aspirations, but it’s none the less. Of the six people who tried before him, five didn’t succeed play.

these were their names and their circumstances,

  1. martin van buren, a Democrat, faced a difficult financial situation in 1837 that took its toll on him. it was President between 1837 and 1841lost re-election against William Henry Harrison and when he tried to make a comeback in 1848 failed to nominate for his party, He tried a new one, the Free Soil Party, but failed to return to the White House.

  2. Millard FillmoreAlso from the Whig Party (Democrat), served as President between 1850 and 1853, His party denied him the option of nominating him to run for re-election and he repeated the result when he tried again in 1856.

  3. Ulysses S Grant He was the first Republican to try to return to the White House. it was President from 1869 to 1877 and then took it back. He tried to come out of retirement in 1880, but lost the internal race to be nominated as the Republican Party’s nominee.

  4. Grover Cleveland have the quality of being the only former president of the United States that once outside the White House he wanted to come back and he got, A Democrat, he first served as president between 1885 and 1889. It was at number 22 on the list. He was defeated in the following elections and later returned as the 24th President for a new term between 1893 and 1897. One held to date two non-consecutive words,

  5. Theodore Roosevelt He was the President twice between 1901 and 1909. Later he retired. But he decided to return in 1912. However, the Republican Party did not support him and he tried to return to the White House with the Progressive Party. He was not found.

  6. Herbert Hoover, a Republican, was the last to try, but the Great Depression took a political toll on him. In office between 1929 and 1933, he was defeated in the re-election election. Later, in 1940, he wanted to return, but his party did not choose him as a candidate.

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