Monday, March 20, 2023
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Roads of the United States of America Anuel AA . citizens are afraid of tanks


Anuel AA became the singer with the most powerful automobile fleet in the music industry, with a shocking touch in the form of the addition of a civilian tank that scours the streets of the United States. We show you…

Anuel AA Also known as “The King of Trap”, he is a trend for a number of reasons, either along with his sentimental side. Yellin the most viral, brake with Mr. Karol Music releases or when you buy a new vehicle for your extensive fleet of millions of dollars in your garage at home.

With regards to cars, it represents one of his many passions, as he enjoys traveling in each of them, in addition to customizing them, dancing and singing, doing fun things and even that come up with new ideas for the use of your ships. wheel, a scenario that does the super original Over 10 million takeovers.

It should be noted that the famous personality of the phrase “real until death” and the interpreter of the song “If you find me”, he usually travels with his friends, Taking pleasure in the most ferocious vehicles of your repertoireWhose collection is more than 2 million dollars.

Now, by far the most impressive innovation, is the new transportation it acquired that scours American roads, to the point of asking officials for documents for its route through the city, being Citizen Tank Teradine Gurkha 2022Limited edition that offers a 6.7-litre turbodiesel V8 engine, 300 hp, 6-speed automatic transmission and a range of up to 130 km/h.

This tank is completely bulletproof, has advanced technology B7/STANAG 2 armor, adding to the detail that so far Yalin’s husband is the only Puerto Rican artist to have such a purchase in his fleet that shook the world and the streets. We show you…

Teradine Gurkha 2022 . in Anuel AA

+ Video of Anuel AA in his tank:

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