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Rivaldo, Brazil’s idol surrendered to Messi and Argentina in Qatar 2022


Rivaldo sent message to Messi after going to the Qatar 2022 final (Photo: PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

In south american federation soccer ,CONMEBOL), are two teams with a sporting rivalry to the death. Argentina and Brazilloss giants of south americaThey do not know half measures. blasphemy between the two squads begins with knowing who is the best team in the world, or if skin is greater than Maradona and vice versa. Albiceleste advanced to great finesAle world Cup Qatar 2022 and a Brazilian idol surrender to Messi and company: rivaldo,

Argentina star leads his nation to victory in semi-final against selection Croatia of Luke Modric. psg footballer i entered why gave an assist during the match. In the assist, the attacker showed his fortitude to Josko Guardiol, a Croatian central defender. drama of such magnitude that it was only within reach of the call ‘Best player in the world’.

like that, football union surrendered before the player’s performance light blue and white, Many were surprised rivaldo, brazil iconwritten in favor of Argentina and praised messi, through his social network, which was next FC Barcelona wrote: “we don’t have brazil or neymar anymore in this cup final, so i live with argentina, messi no words for you”, as a sign of exclamation.

The Brazilian continued the compliment. “before you deserve to be world champion, but God knows all things and will crown you this Sunday, you deserve the title,” it read in his official accounts. The publication has caused an uproar, because for some fans of canarinhaThe message was amplified taking into account Enmity between the countries of South America.

On their part, there were some who held nothing back and were honest about what they wanted Argentina will raise the title of world champion, a few days ago ronaldo nazario He didn’t fall short of words. “I’ll be honest, I can’t say that Argentina wins, it must be lying to be hypocritical“, commented on the incident.

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