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Rishi Sunak By winning the first round, Britain is on the way to getting the first Prime Minister of Indian origin

Bright Times News: Is the Indian-born British Prime Minister sitting in the chair this time? Will the founder of the global information technology business Infosys, Narayana Murthy’s son-in-law, come to power in Rani’s nation? In the initial round of voting, Rishi Sunak, a former British Finance Minister, received the most votes to succeed Boris Johnson.

He is also involved in the race to become the Conservative Party’s leader. Rishi, however, would be the first person of Indian ancestry to rule Britain if he were elected to the position of Prime Minister. Political observers think Rishi’s chances are the best because the other two candidates for prime minister have been eliminated.

The sage received six votes in the first round of the election contest for Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, according to the British News Agency. Penny Mordaunt, the minister of commerce, is only one vote behind him with six.

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Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, garnered 50 votes in the preliminary voting. Six lawmakers are presently vying for the position of prime minister because the other two have previously withdrawn from the race. On Thursday, there will be another round of voting.

Next week, voting will be required. The leader of the final two contenders will select 180,000 Conservative party members for the final round. On September 5, the leader’s name will be disclosed. The winner of the election will become the country’s next prime minister.

On May 12, 1960, Southampton, a port city in the United Kingdom, saw the birth of Sage Sunak. He holds degrees from Stanford and Oxford and was a successful businessman before entering politics. He won from Richmond Yorkshire in 2015 and became an MP for the first time. In Boris’s cabinet, he was given charge of the finance division.

He wed Akshata, the daughter of Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, in 2009. Two daughters belong to the couple. Rishi and Boris were once viewed as playing key roles in the Brexit campaign. However, while serving in the cabinet, Boris was also a part of some controversies. The Partygate incident involves Rishi Sunak’s name.

Political experts claim that the sage started opposing Boris Johnson as soon as he stayed away from this debate. The sage’s name has been heard as prime minister since Boris resigned on July 8. Time will tell whether he is finally elected to the post.

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