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Rice-pulse-medicine prices increased by 419 percent! Sri Lankan women doing bodywork to take care of the house

Rice-pulse-medicine prices increased by 419 percent! Sri Lankan women doing bodywork to take care of the house

Bright Times News: Sri Lanka in crisis. Currently, Sri Lanka President c has issued a state of emergency in the island nation due to financial and political reasons.

From food to medicine, from oil to milk, the skyrocketing prices of daily essentials are in dire straits for Sri Lankans. Collecting daily essentials, medicines, and baby milk is a source of inspiration. Earlier, the Lankan government was forced to close all schools and colleges in the country for a day or two due to a lack of fuel.

A situation like a lockdown was created in Sri Lanka. The island nation is facing its biggest financial crisis in the last 7 decades. Foreign reserves in the country are at the bottom. Fire prices are daily necessities. Medicines do not match fuel.

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Due to inflation, and price increases, the price of one liter of milk in the bankrupt state has stood at 272 rupees. A kilogram of potato costs 430 Sri Lankan rupees. Earlier the price of potato was 640 rupees. The price of rice and sugar has increased by leaps and bounds.

Rice has increased from Rs.100 to Rs.340 per kg. The price of pulses increased by 417 percent to 620. According to the news agency, lower-middle-class women end up being forced into prostitution to procure daily food and medicine.

Due to a lack of money due to the financial crisis, they are forced to have sexual relations with local shopkeepers and traders to get essential medicines like rice, pulses, and life-giving medicines. Instead of money, it became a medium of exchange

According to popular English daily reports, some are voluntarily opting for prostitution to escape the precarious life. A woman, who did not want to be named, said, “Earlier, working in a corporate company earned 35, Takasaka per month. This is the state of the country. The job is long gone. Now after choosing sex as a profession, the income is 28 thousand takas per day. It is the only means of income in an uncertain life.”

Professional sex workers in more difficult situations. The struggle for daily living of brothel women is tougher. They are reportedly being forced to have sex with police officers not only for daily food but also for minimal security.

Sri Lanka’s troubled financial and political situation is causing concern around the world. The Central Government has called an All Party Meeting on Sri Lanka Crisis. The meeting will be held in Delhi on Tuesday evening.

There, the two central ministers will clarify the government’s position on the current situation of the island state. Political parties in Tamil Nadu came together on Sunday asking for intervention in Sri Lanka.

According to sources, the Center decided to call an all-party meeting immediately after that. It is reported that Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will speak there. However, it is not yet clear whether India will follow the Tamil-land political parties and intervene in Sri Lanka.

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