Monday, May 29, 2023

Retired students travel with Erasmus Scholarships for the University of Alicante

For 36 years university students have traveled with the program across Europe Erasmus. But now, for the first time, it will be retirees who will be packing their bags to experience studying in another country. The Permanent University is the Faculty for the Elderly that the University of Alicante has. It is aimed at those over the age of 50 who wish to continue learning. And now he is going to Erasmus.

“Thanks to this initiative, we have managed to send our retired Erasmus students. They go with the same conditions as a young university student,” says Marion Elsson, Director of the Permanent University. Students will go to two places Iceland and Poland.

“There they are going to do different programs, in Iceland one more focused on the rights of elders and protecting the environment and in Poland they are going to learn languages ​​and bridge between European countries. The good thing is that They’re going to be integrated into the classrooms with the students there.” Says the director.

Heroes of the initiative

Retirees living this adventure are happy with this initiative. is a matter of Miguel Angel, architect by profession, who continues to study at the university despite having retired professionally. “My children have been able to go on Erasmus and there were no such things in our time, so it is a great thing. The best thing is to go with people from there, not travel. They are classes where we do the same Giving things.” There as here,” he says.

In a few days he will be leaving to study abroad and he is already packing his bags. Isabel Capitan has been studying at the university with a scholarship for a long time. “At home we have an Erasmus tradition since my children have moved and I see this as a very good opportunity to be in contact with other countries and learn from them. It is a great pleasure for me. I am going with tremendous enthusiasm Yes, we’re leaving.” to Reykjavik. I hope to learn a lot, gain a lot of experience, enjoy the experience,” he says.

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