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Rent for vulnerable seniors rises to $7,448 per month; the minister intervenes

Residents of a private CHSLD in Quebec avoided facing a dizzying rent increase, which was eventually suspended following media coverage of the case.

The children of a 92-year-old resident denounced the situation to TVA Novels, but also on a daily basis. Press.

Gene and Carol Bedard’s mother’s lease was renewed last year at a cost of $3,488 per month. Last September, she was informed that rates including housing and care had risen to $5,475, then to $7,448 a month in January.

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This is an amount that creates a limit of $89,000 per year.

The overall increase for all residents is between 30% and 50% annually. Another family told Press that it would cost them $97,000 a year.

“It’s outrageous, appalling, I don’t know anyone who could tolerate this kind of increase without saying anything without doing anything. I find it even worse that we do this to the elderly, who now have an increase in income.” These are victims who can’t even defend themselves,” lamented Carol Bedard, the daughter of a resident.

The family, which was thinking of relocating the resident because of the exorbitant prices, couldn’t find a place for him elsewhere because there just isn’t one.

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The management of CHSLD Domaine Saint-Dominique, currently under supervision, explains the cost increase by the government’s desire to convert the place to CHSLD under agreement.

Management says this new situation brings an oversupply of care, and therefore costs that are not absorbed by Quebec.

“The Ministry of Health and Social Services is currently working, in cooperation with the management of the CHSLD Saint-Dominique, to find a way through the situation experienced by our establishment and especially by our residents. Thus, a viable solution Pending, we are placing a temporary moratorium on today’s rate increase,” CHSLD President Patrick Gilbert said.

For Sonia Belanger, Minister for Health and Senior Citizens, it is not up to the users to assume the cost increase.

“The rent increase sent to many residents as part of the agreement is completely unacceptable! I asked CIUSSS-CN to intervene,” she wrote on Twitter.

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