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Renault R5: The timeless car that marked an entire generation

Over 30,000 people have already voted for their favorite French car, and you? You can vote on RTL till May 7th. To refresh your memory, let’s talk about the Renault 5 in the 70s and 80s, one of the eight contenders for this title.

The Renault 5 or Renault R5 is truly an icon of the French automotive industry. Produced from 1972, the small Renault was highly successful and was marketed until 1984. overall, Over 5 million units produced Which was called “Supercar”.

public car

Designed to meet the needs of urban motorists looking for a practical car that is easy to drive due to its small size and above all economicalThe Renault 5 ticks all the boxes. The success is such that Renault will reject it in different versions. You should also know that many French motorists have learned to drive a Renault 5. Ask your parents or grandparents, they surely remember the car in which they spent the first hours behind the wheel.

Sporty and memorable edition

Even the youngest among us have already heard of the Renault 5 Alpine and Alpine Turbo, not to mention the Renault 5 Turbo, which is powered by a 1397 cc turbocharged engine in the central rear position offering 160 hp. powered by the engine. It was a favorite of youth and drivers, as it won the Monte-Carlo Rally in 1981, and the Tour de Course in 1982 and again in 1985.

french icon abroad

The Renault 5 has been widely used in French popular culture. She has appeared in films and on television to praise the performance of her Alpine version, among other things.

The city car was exported to Quebec under the name “La Cinque” and to the United States as “La Car”. It was also produced in Iran until the year 2000 before being replaced by the PK and then the New PK, which retained the Renault 5’s looks while adding more modern touches.

The second generation of the Renault 5 arrived in 1984, known as the SuperSink. The Renault 5 is steeped in Renault history and is about to make its comeback in an electric format, There will even be a sports version signed on by Alpine and the manufacturer will debut it as a show car on May 9.

The Renault 5 has many arguments to win the title of the French’s favorite French car. If yes, then without further ado don’t forget to vote for it by clicking here.

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