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Red Bull Racing Jr introduces a new legend in response to the allegations recently made by Helmut Marko

Bright Times News: Jaime Alguersuari, a former Toro Rosso driver, recently revealed some disturbing details regarding his time racing in Formula One. He added that his time with the team still haunts him and made some serious accusations against Helmut Marko. He said that Marko’s treatment of him had severely damaged his mental health.

In 2009, Jaime Alguersuari replaced Sebastien Bourdais in the middle of the season. When he arrived, he was a Formula One driver who was the youngest. He recalls his experience as unpleasant, nevertheless, because of how Helmut Marko supposedly handled him. He has since changed his mind in a subsequent tweet.

Jaime Alguersuari changes his narrative on Helmut Marko

The former driver-turned-DJ has reversed course following some stinging comments about how Marko’s conduct caused him “trauma” through a recent tweet.

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He clarified that he is extremely grateful to have met Marko when he was 15 years old. He claimed that Marko was his teacher and that he had pushed him to go “ahead and beyond” by asking him to “deliver to push and boost” himself.

Marco-Alguersuari controversy so far

The Spaniard claimed, “I still dream, when I sleep extremely unusual dreams occur to me, really strange from all that time,” in a recent interview with El Confidencial. Especially from the helplessness and annoyance of never showing up and witnessing Mr. Marko, who was usually irate, beating me. like we were little kids.

He claimed that this treatment had caused him to experience a “trauma” that he is certain his former teammate Sebastien Buemi, as well as many others, also went through.

I’ve been in treatment, and once I retired, several psychologists encouraged me to attempt this to start a new life, he said. “Occasionally, after completing a stellar lap, I start to cry and look up to see Mr. Marko’s angry face. Since you turned fifteen, all of this has occurred.

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