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Ranveer agrees to go nude in front of thousands of people! He gave a special message after nude photoshoot


Bright Times News: Ranveer Singh stormed the social media. The actor participated in a naked picture shoot for a global publication. It can be said that this time he has reached an extreme level of bravery. The magazine has also given him the title of ‘Bollywood’s last superstar’.

Ranveer Singh’s fans are impressed with his bravery. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the actor’s photo is being disseminated at a breakneck pace. Ranveer doesn’t even have a thread in the film.

He is sometimes lying on a Turkish Rug. Sometimes he is seen sitting again. The actor, however, chose to conceal his privates in favor of modeling. Ranveer was spotted posturing like Burt Reynolds, a legendary figure in American popular culture.

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In an interview with the magazine, Ranveer Singh said, “It’s easy to be physically naked. However, I have performed while nude in several instances. So exposed that even my soul is visible. We call that being naked.” He said, “Recent picture session” “For the sake of performance, I’m willing to strip off in front of tens of thousands of spectators. I don’t mind. But it’s important to think about whether the people in front feel bad.”

However, Ranveer Singh was seen to be naked for the sake of a photoshoot before. He was found lying in a bathtub in May 2017. He didn’t even have a thread on him. However, seeing that, some netizens trolled the actor. Deepika Padukone attended the Cannes Film Festival at the time Ranveer uploaded the photo.

And sometimes Netpara residents joke that Ranveer wears Deepika’s clothes! Consequently, combining the two facts, internet users asserted that Deepika was lying down because she was unable to find her garments.

Even today, several Ranveer-related memes have gained popularity. “Ranveer has been criticized for his sense of fashion so much that he quit wearing clothes,” a Twitter user wrote. That’s why you can’t bash him!” But Ranveer had previously appeared half-naked in Befikre. He was only depicted in the movie completing the dare to enter a museum after Underwear. That expression has also been used a great deal in the past.

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