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Ram Charan Childless even after 10 years of marriage? Ram Charan’s wife Upasana does not want to be a mother

Bright Times News: Ram Charan is currently one of the biggest names in southern cinema. He is the son of megastar Chiranjeevi. She made her Bollywood debut in 2012 with Priyanka Chopra opposite Zanjeer. Although at that time Ram Charan became the hero of the hit movie south.

Recently he and Jr. appeared in the RRR movie with NTR, which did a shaky box office performance nationwide. But did you know that despite having so much success in life, Ram Charan and his wife Upasana are still childless? Ram Charan married Upasana in 2012. It has been almost 10 years but this superstar is still childless. In such a situation, this time the actor’s wife spoke.

The actor has always had to face questions about his child. But this time everyone is shocked by Upasana’s answer. Worship with children is impossible for them because they are not parents and cannot have children. According to the actor’s wife (Ramcharan’s Wife), they do not want to have children because of population control. Recently, Sadguru saw the actor’s wife in a program.

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There, Sadguru said, people are worried about their carbon footprint, but if the footprint goes down, there is no reason to worry about global warming. It is good to see that women have chosen not to reproduce. Upasana was nearly silent as he listened to Sadguru’s comment. When the actor’s wife heard this, she remarked, “I want to meet you soon with my mother and mother-in-law.”

Ram Charan claims that he does not want to have children because he loves movies more than anything else, not just Upasana. Ram Charan asserts that as the megastar Chiranjeevi’s son, he has an obligation to appease the audience. Due to their feeling of duty, the celebrity couple has chosen not to have children. Ram Charan remarked, “When I start thinking about family, I can stray from the aim.”

Worship also has a purpose in life. If someone is unwilling to have children, they shouldn’t keep asking that question. When it was released in March, “RRR” quickly generated billions in sales. The actor was also praised. But Ram Charan’s “Acharya,” his five-month-old film, is floundering at the box office.

This is not the first time. A similar thing happened to Ram Charan after he worked with Rajamouli on “Magadheera” in 2009. The failure followed the movie’s phenomenal success. The box receipts for Ram Charan’s “Orange” was underwhelming.

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