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Quebec says it’s preparing a major social assistance reform

Six months into office, the social solidarity and community action minister says she is preparing a major social assistance reform that will result from consultations already held across Quebec.

less in punishment, more in companionship

She says in an interview with the Canadian Press that this social assistance law should be modernized, to adapt it to the new reality of 2023. less in punishment, more in companionship,

Ms. Rouleau gives a concrete example: A person on social assistance currently receives $770 a month, and is only allowed to earn $200 more, which equates to working a maximum of three hours a week.

belongs to the category of punitivebecause after $200, the person is punishmentwho is far from being incentive to engage, to go to workaccording to him.

This person says to himself: “Okay, I can work three hours a week, but what?” I want to see it again. is it going to be $500, […] One percent, many hours? i don’t knowSays the minister.

One thing is certain, the picture has changed a lot in Quebec over the past 20 years, notes the Montreal MP for Pointe-aux-Trembles. The percentage of recipients increased from about 10.12% in 2003 to 4.8% this year.

Madame Rouleau wonders how to match Between these 270,000 people and the job market in the context of a severe labor shortage in Quebec.

, These are people who are far from the labor market, who may have serious permanent or temporary restrictions on employment, people who do not have much education, who may be of a certain age. ,

, a quote from Minister responsible for social solidarity and community action Chantal Rouleau

Or, literature says so […] It is employment that is the most beneficial solution for every human being, it is through employment that we improve our living conditionsAccording to the minister.

In addition, it is looking to double the number of people participating in the AIM for Employment programme. In this spirit, it does not intend to abandon the liberal reform of 2016, although all its components will be examined.

In 2016, the Couillard government passed Bill 70, which cuts benefits for new applicants deemed able to work who refuse to begin the job search process.

The same government also introduced a basic income programme, which came into effect in January this year, and is generally applauded.

installation conditions

Minister Rouleau agrees that social assistance should have conditions attached to the aid last resort which will continue to be indexed, not a Salaryshe says.

Deductions can happen because people do not respect the conditions. We will help you, but everyone has to do their part. If conditions are broken, there may be penaltiesshe says.

However, she insists that her reform will aim to better support people on social assistance by focusing on consensus measures, in particular by reducing bureaucracy.

For example, in the implementation of a guaranteed minimum income, according to him, there is no consensus within society.

About bureaucracy she says: There are 1000 forms. The problem is that providers […] Sometimes one can tick the wrong box and there will be consequences.

So many deductions can be expected in this context Important future improvement.

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