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Puy Du Foo has plans to move to the UK

Puy Du Foo has plans to move to the UK

“Nothing is done yet”David Nouel, director of international development for Puy du Fou Park, insisted, “We are only looking at settling in the UK”, An installation that will depend on one thing: “Find the Ideal Land and Partner” To mount this major project.

That’s why Puy Du Foo contacted real estate agency Savills in mid-February, asking for help. the latter told himself “Delighted to support the group in its quest”, so it is already looking for a possible land “300 to 400 acres (about 150 hectares) in central England, preferably within 40 miles (65 kilometres) of Oxford”Is it written in Savills’ press release. “The UK property market is relatively complex and quite closed, so we approached Savills so that we could benefit from their expertise”David Noel says

United Kingdom, an interesting historical ground

Puy du Fou hopes to find the ideal location in the coming months, as the theme park believes the United Kingdom is an interesting country to develop there. “The country has a rich history, will have much to tell. It is a destination that inspires us and resonates with the essence of Puy Du Fou.Justifies David Nouelle, who also appeals to the French community: “If anyone owns land on the Oxfordshire side between Birmingham and London, two cities well connected enough to be reached by car or train, we would be happy to study applications”Outlines the Director of International Development.

However, the arrival on British soil would not equate Le Puy du Fou with the first step outside French borders. Already present since 1977 a few kilometers from Nantes, the second most visited theme park in France has already opened another site in Europe near Toledo in Spain in 2021. “We have never made a secret of our desire to grow internationally”David Nouel insists, “With the goal of having four Puy du Fou in the world by 2030”,

The Spanish project took almost five years to materialize, the director of international development explains, thus meaning that even if the ground was found within a few months, the opening of Puy du Fou in the United Kingdom is yet to take place. It will also take some time. “We don’t impose any time limit on ourselves and we can never open in the country”David Nouel concluded.

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