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Post Malone seems to be fulfilling the promises of his Apex Legends by attempting a dangerous stunt


Bright Times News: One of the most well-known figures in the field of international music is Post Malone. Even though he has earned enormous praise for his songs, he yet seems to be grounded in some way. The incredibly gifted New Yorker also has a strong passion for video games, with Apex Legends being his favorite.

Post Malone has over 831K followers on Twitch and routinely streams to his audience there. The well-known vocalist has repeatedly shown his modesty in his streams of work as well. In a recent charity life, he showed extraordinary diligence in keeping his pledge to his viewers.

Though he failed to deliver accurate stunts, his attempt to keep a promise garnered many accolades from his audience. Her fundraising campaign for United Way, a global alliance of charitable organizations, was a resounding success.

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A Difficult Physical Stunt by Post Malone Is Tried on Stream

As soon as this happens, Post Malone promised his audience that he would attempt a backflip if the donation reached $50,000. Little did he know that one of his backflips could do wonders!

Following their announcement, Post Malone’s charity counter was notified soon to reach its goal of $50,000. And, Post Malone had promised to do as well. The musician first resisted, claiming that he had simply hinted that he would commit. But, he eventually turned in the most polite way!

Post Malone kept his promise to his fans, even though perform a flawless backflip. His response to a promise alone demonstrates how significant Dan and his fans are to him.

In a series of Twitch streams, Post Malone promoted a total of 4 charitable organizations. In addition to the United Way organization mentioned above, he also hosted streams for The Trevor Project, Human Rights Watch, and Project Hope. They all four achieved more than they had anticipated. The Trevor Project’s last webcast finished yesterday with a whopping $76,026 in donations!

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