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Poland occupies Russian high school building in Warsaw, Moscow promises response

The establishment of the Russian Secondary School “will now belong to the Town Hall of Warsaw” specified the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

** Poland announced on Saturday it had seized the Russian high school building in Warsaw, an act immediately qualified as “illegal” by Russia, which promised a response.

The announcement by the Polish Foreign Ministry comes a year after a former Russian diplomatic site was seized for an offering to Ukraine.

Establishment of the Russian Secondary School “Now Warsaw City Hall will“, the ministry’s spokesman, Lukasz Jasina, told AFP by telephone, stressing that it is a process”referral by bailiff“In the name of the municipality.

Polish police and other law enforcement agencies stand guard outside the gate of the building as a truck with a diplomatic plate, which stands at the entrance, prepares to load various items emptied by technical staff waits, said an AFP photographer at the site.

The municipality spokesperson could not be reached on Saturday and no press release was published.

The police simply said they were just watching the proceedings and refused to comment.

According to the media, the Russians must leave the place before 6:00 pm local time (4:00 pm GMT).

Furious reaction of Dmitry Medvedev

Russia immediately protested and threatened retaliation.

,This is an illegal act, an intrusion into a diplomatic site.said its ambassador to Warsaw, Sergei Andreyev, in a video broadcast by Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

,Of course, a reaction will follow“, he claimed Russia would retaliate”.principle of reciprocity,

,The school will continue its activities in other premises of the Russian Diplomatic Mission, we will ensure a good end of the school year for our children and conduct of examinations“, Mr. Andreyev said again.

,I see no point in maintaining diplomatic relations with Polandtweeted former Russian President, and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council in Moscow, Dmitry Medvedev.

,This state should not exist for us as long as there are absolute Russophobes in power” He wrote on social networks, saying that Ukraine was “Full of Polish mercenaries” what was to happenexterminated mercilessly like stinking rats,

Old Russian-Polish conflict over ownership of the complex

In a March 2022 statement, shortly after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that “By their decisions having the force of law, the Polish courts have ordered (For officials of the Russian Federation, editor’s note) to return the two buildings to their rightful owner, either to the state treasury“Polish.

According to the Polish Ministry, therefore the Russian Federation annexed them “illegally,

The Russian High School was established in a building nationalized by the Polish state in 1945, then transmitted by the Communists to the Russian authorities in 1953. According to the Polish authorities, this operation was carried out “without legal basis,

In April 2022, the Warsaw City Hall confiscated a former Russian diplomatic site that was the subject of a legal dispute between Poland and Russia and nicknamed by Warsaw residents “spies nest“, to give it to Ukraine which is fighting the Russian army.

It consists of ten-story buildings built in the south of the capital in the 1970s that were used in the past by Soviet diplomats and then by the Russian embassy.

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