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Pizza Oven, the modern cooking appliance that is available right at home!

A classic dish, pizza is more than ever cooked at home, in an oven whose mission is to set this Italian dish apart. Here are some criteria for making the right choice.

“Owning a pizza oven is about more than making pizza, it’s about creating moments with the people you love. Whether as a couple or during family gatherings, it’s always festive,” says online store Lapizashop. Says Christiana Bedard Thom, co-founder of Ka’s Alexandre Beaulieu, who “spread this joy” for three years.


For a traditional Neapolitan pizza, the temperature of the pizza oven must reach 900°F, so that the food can be cooked in 90 seconds. At this temperature, whether it’s a wood, charcoal, pellet or propane oven, there will be no difference in taste, because the burning wood will not produce smoke, explains Mr. Beaulieu.

However, cooks who are naturally drawn to wood and the flavor it imparts will find it easier to reach and control lower temperatures for longer cooking times than for other types of pizza, such as lots. Topping ones.

Propane cooking, for its part, offers ease of use and speed compared to the handling of logs and management of a fire required by a wood oven. In light of these comparisons, we understand why hybrid ovens are so popular!

As for electric pizza ovens, they are practical for indoor use and for those who do not like to play with fire, as it is a cooking method similar to convection.

size and separation

Placed on a cordierite stone, maximizing even cooking under a vault, in a stainless steel oven that will last for years, pizza gets the heat it needs. This is why insulation is essential, especially if you want to cook pizza year-round. The time it takes to reach maximum temperature is an indication of the quality of the insulation, but above all, don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson questions.

As for the size of the oven required, it is guided by the number of people at your table and other dishes that you want to cook. All you need is a cast iron skillet and a little imagination to cook bread, a pie, nachos, a nice piece of meat, etc. in his pizza oven. Many ovens can also be portable.

according to mMe Bedard Thom and M. Beaulieu A large oven makes learning a pizza maker easier, as it allows the pizza to be moved away from the flame when needed.

The models of pizza ovens in the market have grown in popularity at the same rate, as evidenced by this sample, which will awaken the pizza maker in you.

like in a restaurant

The photo is taken from the website

There is no need to order a pizza when it is possible to prepare it in a restaurant with this RICARDO gas oven, which cooks a pizza (30 cm) in less than three minutes. It features double steel walls, a side control knob to easily turn the oven on and off, and a ventilated door to ensure quick and even cooking. This oven reaches 420°C (800°F) in just 20 minutes and comes with a 13.25″ cordierite pizza stone.

At three RICARDO boutiques and participating points of sale. , 399,99 $

attractive features

The photo is taken from the website

The Vida by Paderno gas-powered pizza oven (12 inches) has many enticing features, including its stone that rotates to achieve a crispy crust and its large smoker box to create the flavor of the wood and attracts moisture. Designed to protect food from direct contact with the fire, it also features a turntable, built-in thermometer, pizza oven lid, and quick ignition system. , 349,99 $

multi fuel

Fans of wood-burning, charcoal, and even gas cooking (gas burner sold separately for $165) can enjoy pizza cooked to your taste (16 inches) in this Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Oven Will be able to Reaches temperatures of 950°. F (displayed on the integrated digital thermometer) In just 15 minutes it is possible to admire the cheese and golden crust through the hinged oven door with ViewFlameTM technology providing more visibility. , $1099

delicious wood cooking

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This Alfa Ciao outdoor wood-fired pizza oven can cook two pizzas at the same time, while combining design, taste and quality. It has a refractory brick cooking surface, a stainless steel safe to reach very high temperatures without consuming too much wood, an ergonomic wooden handle on the door to avoid burning yourself, easy temperature control with its All thanks to a thermometer and an eyepiece to monitor the cooking. , $2849

more than pizza

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The OvenPlus Capt’n Cook Two-Tier Portable Barbecue (13,000 BTU) stands out for its versatility. Made of stainless steel, the appliance has 275.6 square inches of cooking area divided into two distinct zones: a “Convection Cooker” section, which also serves as a “Pizza Oven,” and a “Salamander Grill” section. Running on liquid propane gas, it has a domed lid that promotes convection, thus offering perfect cooking even without turning the pizza. The Captain Cook is sold with a Pizza Stone (12 inch), Pizza Spatula and Pizza Cutter. , 499,99 $

propane and wood At the same time

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Not only is the Bertello Grande 16 sold with a propane adapter, but it’s also possible to cook with wood and propane at the same time. So why not use propane to quickly heat the oven, then supplement with wood to achieve the desired temperature? This model heats up to 500°C (930°F) in less than 20 minutes and holds a 16-inch pizza. , 714,99 $

a form of fire

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Gozny dome resembles a professional oven. In the yard, it will make quite an impact! Designed for wood, it also features a built-in gas burner, making it easy to switch between fuel types and reaching up to 950°F with the turn of a dial. Digital thermometer, innovative ventilation, steam injection, unbeatable heat retention, quick-connect accessory ports, ceramic-bonded outer coating… it’s got it all. , $2499

never without Belongings

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A pizza in the oven needs all the attention of its chef, who comes armed with these few essentials to whip up a treat, along with tiny onions.

“You can’t just leave the pizza in the oven and pour yourself a glass of wine, because you have to be there and turn it every 20 to 30 seconds,” says Bedard Thom. You can also have fun moving it closer to or farther from the flame, depending on the desired doneness.

The pizza maker should have a rectangular shovel for placing the pizza on the stone, then removing it when serving. “The most effective is a perforated aluminum shovel,” says Beaulieu.

Another shovel, this one round, will allow him to “lift the pizza off and rotate it on the plate,” he adds, so the crust cooks evenly.

A stone brush is also essential for cleaning the stone after each use, so that residue doesn’t stick to the next pizza, leaving a burnt taste.

The picture is taken from the website

In addition, an infrared thermometer indicating the ambient temperature or the temperature of the stone is necessary to ensure that the oven is ready to receive pizza, i.e. when the stone reaches 700°F or the ambient temperature is 900°F. be Fahrenheit.

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