Pizza Master of Telepizza: “The quality of the dough has always been our hallmark”

    Pizza Master of Telepizza:

    The leading pizza delivery brand in Spain, Telepizza, remains at the forefront of the sector after more than three and a half decades of commitment and innovation. Now, has decided to adapt to the new tastes of consumers. The company, which introduced the food delivery service in 1987 in our country, continues to review the secret of its success.

    Telepizza has decided to rescue one of its hallmarks and recover the well-known slogan, “The secret is in the dough”, which has accompanied the leading company in the sector since its foundation 35 years ago. To learn about this process, has updated and rejuvenated the main assets that have led Telepizza to lead the market since its inceptionwe have been able to speak with the Pizza Master and learn a little more about the secret of Telepizza.

    – How do you improve a recipe that has been so successful?

    On our 35th anniversary we have dared to improve our famous secret recipe for update it to today’s tastes and thus continue offering the best experience and flavor to our customers. Indeed, the secret recipe of Telepizza works, and very well. For this reason, when reviewing it, we decided to maintain its essence, we focused on enhancing the basic ingredients of a good pizza, which are the dough, the tomato sauce and the cheese. We focus on achieving a distinctive recipe in the texture and crispness of our dough, which identifies us, and which makes consumers enjoy Telepizzas, from taste to sight.

    – It is widely known in our country claim “The secret is in the dough”, but what exactly is that secret?

    “The secret is in the dough” has been the hallmark of the brand since its birth in 1987. The quality of the dough has always been a hallmark of Telepizzathat is why we continue to trust in the usual suppliers and in the products that have accompanied us from the beginning, this is the only secret.

    A dough that is perfectly complemented by Telepizza’s tomato sauce, without frying and without added oils and seasoned with a variety of spices, which intensifies the flavor and aroma of the pizzas. We have completed the secret recipe for the pizzas with melted cheese, which It adds even more creaminess to the bite and it arrives at the door of our customers as if it had just come out of the element that for us is especially important.

    – What would you say is Telepizza’s star pizza? How has it evolved over time?

    Our star pizza is Telepizza Barbacoa, it is number one year after year. We sold more than 5 million Telepizzas Barbacoa last year! The day of the week that we do the most barbecues is Saturday and Madrid is the autonomous community in which the most pizzas of this type are consumed.

    The important thing about barbecue pizza is the sauce, that’s why ours triumphs. In fact, since we launched it in 1997, we have sold 250 million pizzas.

    The trust that our customers have in this Telepizza makes us innovate and offer them limited editions so that they can enjoy them in a different way. Recently we surprised all our customers with the limited edition “Las BBQ de Telepizza”composed of three new barbecue pizza specialties, seasoned with different sauces that give a special and gourmet touch to the taste of all palates.

    A sweet version, made with bacon, marinated chicken, beef and the special Sweet BBQ sauce; a spicy version, prepared with ham, beef, crispy bacon and Spicy BBQ sauce and, thirdly, a smoked version with double beef, caramelized onion, tomato slices and topped with Smokey BBQ sauce, made with Bourbon.

    – What would you say is the key moment in the process of making your pizzas?

    The key moment in the process of making our pizzas begins with the dough. A 7-day maturation process, in which there are 72 hours of fermentation to obtain a spongy dough, which after baking for between 5 and 7 minutes, offers a bite with the exact point of crunch and more firmness at the base of the dough. pizza so consumers enjoy every slice. own elaboration, our sourdough is stretched in the store just before baking and it is one of the differentiating aspects that achieve qualityconsistency, appearance and taste that our customers value so much.

    – 35 years of leadership delivery of pizzas in Spain are not the result of chance, how has Telepizza remained at the forefront of the sector?

    Innovation is a constant and hallmark of Telepizza. We were pioneers in introducing the food delivery service in Spain in 1987 and we have been incorporating new services and products as our customers’ consumption habits have evolved. We have a great product development team made up of specialists in gastronomic trends, creative chefs and formulation experts, who provide Telepizza with daring products that are the essence of the company. Also, when we come up with a new recipe, we always test with consumers to get their opinion and we don’t stop making changes until they are happy with the result. Our satisfaction is that, to give them the product they expect and want to eat at Telepizza

    – There are many new needs and commitments among customers in today’s society. How is Telepizza preparing to respond and cover them?

    At Telepizza we want everyone to be able to find a place at our table, a diverse and infinite table. That’s why, we have a whole line of vegan products and our traditional dough does not contain milk.

    Telepizza’s vegan line is made up of three Telepizzas (Montana Vegui, Barbacoa Vegui and Campesina Vegui) and some 100% vegetable Nuggets, with their own packaging to avoid food contamination between foods. It is about an option for all customers looking for new things or environmentally conscious consumers.

    Also, we offer gluten-free pizzas since 2008, we were the first brand to offer gluten-free Telepizzas at home. Among Telepizza’s specialties to enjoy gluten-free, the York-bacon, the delicious barbecue and the usual carbonara, but gluten-free, stand out.


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