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Pharma company announced a special dividend of 3090% or Rs 309 per equity share this year, key details investors should know

Earlier this year the pharma company announced a special dividend of 3090% or Rs 309 per equity share, key details investors should know

Bright Times News: The corporation has chosen August 8, 2022, as the record date for determining which shares are entitled to the special dividend. The corporation will distribute the aforementioned dividend on or after August 22, 2022.

financial situation

From Rs 178.30 crore in the quarter that ended in June 2021 to Rs 120.40 crore in the quarter that ended in June 2022, Sanofi India’s net profit decreased by 32.47 percent. Sales dropped from Rs 789.10 crore to Rs 699.30 crore, an 11.38 percent decrease, in the quarter that ended in June 2022.

One of Sanofi’s businesses in India is Sanofi India Limited. Hoechst Fedco Pharma Private Limited was its original name, and it first existed in 1956. Sanofi India Limited is traded on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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The company announced a record equity dividend earlier this year of 1810%, or Rs 181 per equity share, and a special dividend of 3090%, or Rs 309 per equity share.

It has a proven track record of declaring dividends during the previous five years. It has declared a special dividend of 2400% for Rs 240 per share and an equity dividend of 1250% for Rs 125 in the same year, 2021.

Dividends are a sort of compensation that stockholders receive for holding shares of a profitable company. Typically, when a firm produces money, it gives investors who possess a stake in the company a percentage of the surplus, which is known as a “dividend.” The ex-dividend date for a stock is the business day before the day on which shareholders are deemed eligible for the payout.

Sanofi shares on the BSE finished at Rs 6,604 per share, down Rs 145 or 2.15 percent. The shares’ intraday high and low have been Rs. 6,750.05 and Rs. 6,586 per share, respectively. Its market capitalization is Rs 15,209.01 billion.

Hoechst Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Hoechst India Limited, Hoechst Marion Roussel Limited, and Aventis Pharma Limited were some of its previous names. More than 3,000 people work for it in India now.

According to Sanofi India Limited’s official website, Sanofi, one of the top healthcare firms in the world, and its 100% subsidiary Hoechst GmbH is the company’s largest shareholders, holding a combined 60.4% of the company’s paid-up share capital.

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