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Pension reform: Thanks to social protests, unions are back at the mercy

He was supposed to be dead, here he is made alive again. After three and a half months of bitter struggle against pension reform, unions remain ubiquitous in the public space and continue to regulate the country’s social life with very broad support of the population. Even though a law has been made to raise the legal retirement age to 64, their fight “not finished”, For the thirteenth time, they are giving a call to take to the streets to condemn this age measure on the occasion of 1Is-May.

Eight main workers’ organizations, all together and behind a single banner, mobilize on International Workers’ Day, which had not happened since 2009. With the help of five youth defense movements, they plan parades and rallies in some 300 different locations, according to General Simon Dutil, co-representative of the solidaires.

In Paris, the procession will start at the Place de la République to go to the Place de la Nation. The crowd would include representatives of international structures (such as the European Trade Union Confederation) and workers from several countries (South Korea, the United States, Colombia, India, etc.). the goal is to show force “extraordinary and popular”Which consolidates the revival seen since mid-January.

“I believe that trade unionism emerges from this period as a winner”.CFDT Secretary General Laurent Berger admitted in an interview on 19 April monday, Her counterpart from CGT, Sophie Binet, clearly veers in the same direction: for her, the challenge of retirement at 64 reminds “Central role” labor organizations. “While Emmanuel Macron constantly seeks to marginalize us, we have been able to demonstrate our importance in defending our social model”she tells.

“Subscription Growth”

“The unions have shown that they are responsible and republican, and today it is in their favorMeets Frédéric Souillot, FO’s number one. In our federation, we see this through an increase in membership: there has been a five-fold increase in requests made online since the end of December 2022 over the same period last year. , As per official indications, other centers are also seeing this momentum, for example, over 30,000 cards in the last four months, in CFDT as well as CGT. “Participation in professional elections has also been affected with more employees voting in private companies during the first quarter”says Mr. Soulelot.

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