Monday, March 27, 2023
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Parliament’s new rule: picketing banned! Rajya Sabha Secretariat issues censorship on protests in Parliament


Bright Times News: The Lok Sabha Secretariat (Parliament) has already issued a ban on the use of MPs’ words while speaking in the Parliament before the alternate session of the Lok Sabha. This time a ban has been issued on strike. The General Secretary of the Rajya Sabha informed that no strike or demonstration will be allowed on the Parliament premises during the rainy session of the Parliament starting from next Monday.

After the use of language, this time the Center pulled the reins on the MPs’ strike. Rajya Sabha Secretary General PC Modi said that strike or any protest will not be allowed on the Parliament premises. A notification in this regard has also been issued by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

The notification states that members cannot use the premises of the Parliament House to hold any protest, strike, fast, or any religious ceremony during the session. The notification also requested the help of MPs in this regard.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh did not stop mocking the issuance of this notification. He tagged a letter from the Rajya Sabha Secretariat in a tweet. This time, the Congress MP targeted Modi without naming him as the world leader and imposed a ban on the type.

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A storm of protests erupted on social media over the ban on any strike or demonstration on the Parliament premises. Netizens did not let Jairam Ramesh’s tweet tag mock the government. Some sneered that a religious ceremony can be held in the name of unveiling the Ashoka Chakra in Parliament Square.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the new national symbol or Ashoka Chakra in Parliament Square a few days ago. And on the occasion of the opening, a religious ceremony was also organized. Some even suggested Congress MPs call for Modi’s ouster.

So far, MPs used to protest against any policy at the foot of the Gandhi statue or the main gate of the Parliament. The parliamentarians lost that opportunity due to the notification of the secretariat. Meanwhile, a notification has been issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat to curb the language of MPs.

A list of languages ​​that have been curbed has also been published. Language usage rules are Applicable from the monsoon session. The notification also gives the right to suspend an MP if he uses unparliamentary language despite the prohibition.

Some of the opposition MPs have already joined the protest. Some have also warned against using unparliamentary words. Their only complaint is that the Center is trying to suppress the voice of the opposition.

This time, as censorship has been imposed on the sit-in and protest in Parliament Square, some people think that the heat of the protest will increase. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of a storm in the sensitive monsoon session on several issues. Among them, the storm of protest could turn into a Storm with the use of language and notice of stoppage of sit-ins.

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