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Pakistani spy: Hamid Ansari’s answer is lying Pakistani journalist


Bright Times News: Pakistani Journalist Spying issue. The rumors about the spy scholarship of Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza, who came to India during the UPA government at the Center, have started making a lot of noise. It is claimed that Mirza travelled to India at Hamid Ansari’s invitation, who was the vice president at the time.

The former vice president, however, has denied this accusation. He insisted that the Pakistani journalist was not invited. Recently, Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza alleged that he travelled to India at the government’s invitation and engaged in espionage.

From 2005 through 2011, the journalist claimed to have made multiple trips to India. Mirza asserted that Vice President Hamid Ansari had invited him to visit India. Additionally, he insisted that he and Hamid Ansari shared the same platform at a talk on terrorism in Delhi.

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The demand was rejected by former vice president Ansari, though, by a Pakistani journalist. He said that several media outlets were spreading untrue information about him. The invitation letter was sent to the foreign representative as per the recommendation of the government and the foreign ministry.

According to Hamid Ansari, he didn’t personally invite the Pakistani journalist with a letter. Additionally, the former vice president insisted he had never met Nusrat Mirza.

After the Pakistani journalist’s remark was made public, the BJP continued to pursue Hamid Ansari. The Gerua camp has launched a vicious attack against Ansari and Congress. Gaurav Bhatia, a BJP spokesperson, expressed outrage at the demand made against the former president by a Pakistani journalist.

He also wondered how Hamid Ansari was re-elected Vice President during the UPA regime. The BJP leader further charged that the UPA administration had violated the top-level positions’ secrecy. A similar call for Ansari and the Congress to be held accountable was made by Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza.

In this context, Gaurav Bhatia quoted the intelligence agency RAW as saying that the former president had acted against the interests of India while he was the ambassador of Iran. In an interview, Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza said that between 2005 and 2011, he made five trips to India.

In addition to Delhi, he reportedly also travelled to Bengaluru, Chennai, Patna, and Kolkata while in India. The Pakistani journalist had a reputation for detesting India. Along with denouncing the government of India’s policies, he frequently hosted anti-India gatherings in Pakistan.

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