Monday, March 20, 2023
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Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s son was accused, Lahore court announced


Bright Times News: Pakistani Prime Minister’s son is a Proclaimed Offender! This is what the Lahore Special Court has announced. Due to this Shehbaz Sharif is in extreme discomfort. The court named two people including Suleman Shahbaz as tainted criminals in the financial fraud case.

Pakistan Prime Minister’s younger son Suleman skipped it even though he was supposed to attend on Friday. After that, he was declared a tainted accused. The court has also sent a copy of Suleiman’s property. Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz himself has been asked to attend the next hearing.

Shehbaz and his 2 sons Hamza (Hamza) and Suleman were involved in the financial fraud case before sitting on the Prime Minister’s chair. In November 2020, the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan (FIA) filed a case against them. According to Palkia state investigative agency, between 2008 and 2018, the Shehbaz family smuggled 16 billion rupees out of the country through Hawala.

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The FIA ​​submitted documents to the court in December last year. Arrest warrants were issued against Suleman, Tahir Naqvi, and Malik Maqsood on May 28. But even though the warrant was issued, the youngest son of the Prime Minister of Pakistan could not be arrested. Because he has been out of the country since the complaint was made.

Earlier, the Pakistani court convicted 11 workers of Shehbaz’s organization. All of them worked in Shehbaz’s company for low wages. Pakistani investigative agency claims that the Sharif family smuggles a huge amount of money abroad through them.

They further alleged that 28 Benami accounts were created to make dust in the eyes of the administration. Through which the transaction was carried out. Which was looked after by Suleman, I, and Malik Maqsood. After learning about the incident, Masood fled to the United Arab Emirates. He died there last month. The Pakistani court has also sent Maqsood’s death certificate.

The special court in Lahore also summoned the Prime Minister of Pakistan for his involvement in the financial scam. But Shehbaz’s lawyer asked the court for more time in Friday’s hearing. That plea is accepted. But the court asked him to appear in the next hearing. It should be noted that the hearing of this case will be held again on July 30.

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