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Only attack on Virat, why not on Rohit? Satirical satire of Sunil Gavaskar

Bright Times News: Indian cricket is currently divided over Virat Kohli. Just as some former cricketers and supporters want Virat to rest, the other part is against giving Virat more opportunities. Not in great form since 2019. Success did not come without leaving the captaincy.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the situation is tense with a huge issue. Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar opened his mouth this time.

Along with Virat Kohli’s off form, Rohit Sharma is also in off form. Opener Rohit’s form is declining, though not for long. As a result, the team is not getting off to a good start. He did not score a single half-century in the last IPL. But Rohit is not being discussed.

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Or there is no demand to replace Rohit. Gavaskar said, “I don’t know why not everyone is talking about Rohit. He is not in the run. Currently, the team is playing attacking cricket, it is not coming when Rohit fails. We have a good selection committee, they should think about it and make a decision. ”

However, he thinks there is no need to rush for the T20 World Cup. Because before the World Cup, India will play the Asia Cup which will help the selectors to form a team. The Asia Cup is important for Indian players.

“I think we should see another two months,” he said. Then let the World Cup team announce. Read a good team in the Asia Cup, it will understand the best of the team. There is no need to hurry right now. ”

Sunil Gavaskar thinks the ODI series against England is ideal for Virat to return to form. Virat scored only 12 runs in the T20 series. Go out to play big shots. Earlier, he gave wickets while playing outside shots. As a result, there are multiple problems.

However, Virat is less likely to play in the first match. Because of injury. On the other hand, he has been rested for the ODI series against the West Indies, it is heard that he has also asked for leave in the T20 series. If that is the case then you will be on vacation for a long time. It will be difficult to return to his form.

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