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One by one, what are the visas that exist for the United States and what requirements do they have?


If you want to visit the United States for a limited period of time, there are several non-immigrant or temporary visas that can be processed. The most commons are for tourists, students or foreign investors.

In general, to know which one is needed, it is necessary to establish the purpose of the trip, its duration and other factors. Below are all the available options.

The Immigration and Nationality Act grants various categories of nonimmigrant visas and the United States government website lists three large groups:

Based on the purpose of the trip, These are the visas that exist to travel to the United States:

The visa for the United States can be acquired from different; these are the available optionsDavid Franklin – Unsplash
The Types Of Visas Available In The United States
The types of visas available in the United StatesPexels

In addition to those listed above, there are other visas. In total there are more than 185 and each one has a purpose, as well as different conditions and procedures.

Also, depending on the country of origin, you may not need a visa, but an ESTA, which is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization which is used to determine the eligibility of visitors under the Visa Exemption Program (VWP).

Those who are about to start a procedure, You can consult the most common errors in the appointment for the tourist and business visa of the United States, according to an expert, about which the information is expanded in this link.


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