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One Agency Offering Over 300 Jobs in Florida: How to Apply


behind the terrible Effects of Hurricane Ian in FloridaThere is still a fight for the recovery of the homes and places of the affected people, who have faced adversity for their families and properties. If you want to find work, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an opportunity and Offers a total of 300 openings in Southwest and Central Florida Focused on local residents.

according to report from new herald, the government agency hires locally in Brandon, Fort Myers, Kissimmee, Orlando and Sarasota. These are full-time 120-day appointments, which can be converted into more depending on operational requirements.

Hertz Arena, an ice hockey arena, has been converted into a haven for those affected by Hurricane Ian in Estero, Florida.

Profiles that those interested should meet include architect, logistics engineer, management of flood prone areas, digital communications and emergencies. If you want to apply, you can apply online

Apart from these jobs, while searching on this website (which is official from United States government), other available vacancies appear:

It is in charge of the Veterans Health Administration based in Gainesville, Florida.

The salary for one type of permanent shift is US$57,146 per year.

It is also part of the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System.

Salary is US$49,549 per year

It is a full-time job with a salary of US$53,100 per year.

There are also open positions in the Department of Veterans Affairs in Gainesville, Florida. Salary is $205,000 per year.

Unlike the others, the headquarters is in Jacksonville. Salary starts from US$54,727 per year. Other vacancies can be found on this link.

People Stand On A Destroyed Bridge To Pine Island As They Watch The Damage Caused By Hurricane Ian In Matalacha, Florida
People stand on a destroyed bridge to Pine Island as they watch the damage caused by Hurricane Ian in Matalacha, Florida

Eligible hurricane survivors can access the Disaster Unemployment Assistance resource. They need to go to and select “Apply for DUA for Hurricane Ian.”

In addition to these jobs offered, FEMA indicated that $1.65 billion was provided in federal grants Disaster loan and flood insurance payments.

In the case of the temporary housing program, the eligible survivors of Hurricane Ian are: Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Hardy, Lee and Sarasota counties.

According to the media above, hundreds of FEMA inspectors conducted more than 170,000 home inspections for survivors requesting disaster assistance. Similarly, US Small Business Administration approves $408 million loan Low interest disaster insurance for homeowners, renters and business owners.

Finally, low-income Floridians affected by hurricanes may be eligible for assistance from the Department of Agriculture’s Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP). The information is located on the website of the Department of Child and Family.


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