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Omar Perotti wants to strengthen Santa Fe exports to the US


Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti meets with investors in New York to promote access to Santa Fe products in the US market and highlighted the “importance of presenting an exportable offer” of the province to that North American country, with an emphasis on meat and dairy products.

On the first day of his visit to the United States, the President of Santa Fe held institutional, diplomatic and business meetings at the Argentine Promotion Center and Consulate General in New York, the provincial government reported.

During the first day he was received by the Argentine Consulate in New York, Santiago Villalba, and held work meetings with representatives of the business and investment community based in that city.

The government said in a statement that Perrotti met with Sebastian Vargas, director of credit strategy for Latin America at Barclays Bank; and Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant-Softvision, a technology company that employs more than 2,500 people worldwide and has a Nasdaq stock market capitalization of US$32.4 billion.

The Santa Fe governor emphasized the need to “strengthen the export of Santa Fe meats to the US market” at the meeting. and to expand the number of refrigerators authorized to enter the said market, as per official information, in the event of a higher price cut.

Perotti highlighted “the importance of presenting Santa Fe’s exportable proposition and the options to generate promotional examples in a variety of regions.”

You He said, “Especially food and everything that is related to technology based companies, Where we are going to continue next year with activities related to these areas.”

recovery in dairy market

Regarding dairy products, the governor raised in a meeting with investors to promote exports of the said products, “a market that recovered after three years in 2021 with no sales to the United States.”

The meeting also worked to address the development of the so-called “apathy market”, related to consumption habits shared by immigrants who seek access to Argentine products.

“This market represents an opportunity especially for micro, small and medium-sized companies in the province that produce dairy products such as Dulce de Leche or Alfajores,” explained the Santa Fe governor.

For Export: 100 Companies in Santa Fe

According to the official document, more than 100 companies from Santa Fe export to the US market and the governor’s visit is intended to “increase export flows, as well as position companies to enter the US market.”

Among other meetings, the President’s agenda in the United States has included a meeting with Mary Chantal Mel, director and member of the United Nations Department of Procurement Food Team, which is responsible for providing quality supply chain services and business advice to the organism. Is.

In addition, the director of the United Nations World Food Program, Koko Ushiyama, will receive the governor.



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