Monday, March 20, 2023
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Nobel Prizes awarded in Stockholm


The multitude of crises and challenges facing the world make it imperative dedicated scientist and those who “defy authorities in their pursuit of peace, democracy and human rights,” according to Karl-Heinrich Heldin, President of the Nobel Foundation,

With this message, the celebration of the Nobel Prize ceremony returned to normal today, two years after it was held in a smaller format and without the presence of the laureates, due to the pandemic.

In his inaugural address at the function, presided over by Kings Carl Gustaf and Silvia of SwedenThe man in charge of the Nobel Foundation reviewed the ills plaguing the planet and our societies.

Freedom is “in decline around the world”; there are war in europe, “with the specter of nuclear weapons” and “dramatic energy and food crises”. He also cited “blatant” discrimination; social and economic inequality and “an accelerating climate change that requires an urgent scale of solutions”.

Faced with this “multitude of crises and challenges”, the world needs “dedicated scientists who relentlessly seek the truth and expand the range of our knowledgeas well as “those individuals and groups who, at great personal sacrifice, defy authority in the pursuit of peace, democracy and human rights.”

Heldin recalled that a few hours earlier in Oslo, the peace nobel Belarusian prisoner of conscience and activist Ales Baliatsky and was recognized Russian and Ukrainian Human Rights Organization Memorial and Center for Civil Libertiesrespectively.

President of his foundation said, Nobel Prize is awarded for achievements in benefit of humanity And winners demonstrate “we as human beings have the ability to shape our own destiny.”

Of the Eleven New Noble Laws, Only Two Are Women

Heldin’s reflections were followed from the concert hall stage by an unusually large number of award winners. In the front row this year and behind a portion of the awardees in 2020 and 2021, who had to receive medals in their countries due to the pandemic.

Eleven new Nobels, only two of them women -Chemistry and Literature- Received the medal from King Carlos Gustavo, in a ceremony also attended by Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel; Prince Carlos Felipe and Princess Sofia, as well as more than 1,500 guests.

French Annie Arnoux receives literary prize For a work that is driven by “a force and a demand for justice”, in which language is “a means of dispelling the fog of memory”, according to a presentation by the Swedish Academy’s Anders Olsson.

Discoveries about the Neanderthal genome from fossil DNA gave Svante Pabo El Nobel de Medicina, The work of the Swedish scientist, considered the father of paleogenetics, “allows us to address one of the most fundamental questions: what makes us unique?”, said Anna Wedel of the Karolinska Institute.

The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspect (France), John Clauser (USA) and Anton Zeiling (Austria). For their advances in quantum mechanics, which open the door to technologies such as encrypted communication, quantum computers and networks, with which “we have entered the second quantum revolution”, said Mats Larsson of the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Chemist who repeats Nobel

American Barry Sharpless Receives His Second Nobel Prize Today, First in 2010, Both in Chemistry Category,

Sharpless shared the prize this time with Carolyn Bertozzi (USA) and Morten Meldal (Netherlands) for the development of two new types of chemistryClick and bioorthogonal, simple and clean, have inspired intense activity and provided “many new achievements of enormous importance”, said Olof Ramström of the Academy of Sciences.

Former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke won the Nobel Prize in Economics together with Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybwig for their study on banks and the financial crisis.The imprint of which is visible in recent reforms and which will “protect us from financial storms”.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Nobel laureates of the two years of the pandemic were named by category and received applause from the public.

This year’s laureate, after receiving the award and, as tradition dictates, confined himself to a congratulation to the King, a third to the members of the Academy, and a third to the public.

Each award winner receives a medal, a diploma and 10 million SEK (916,000 Euros or $882,000).

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