Navjot Sidhu and his partner Daler Mehndi in the same barrack in Patiala Jail

    Navjot Sidhu and his partner Daler Mehndi in the same barrack in Patiala Jail

    Bright Times News: It’s just like saying. One is the king of comedy and the other is the king of music. Talking about Navjot Singh Sidhu and Daler Mehndi. Both are legends in their respective fields. But, ironically, they are now imprisoned. These two stars who rocked the world of cricket and entertainment have been lodged in Punjab Patiala Jail. Daler Mehndi and Sidhu are incarcerated in the same jail.

    Daler Mehndi jailed in human trafficking case

    Musician Daler Mehndi was convicted in a human trafficking case in 2003. His bail application was also rejected. He was arrested overnight. After that, this Bollywood superhit singer was lodged in jail number 10 of Patiala Jail in Punjab.

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    The lower court ordered two-year rigorous imprisonment along with a fine of two thousand rupees, which was upheld. Daler appealed to the court to dismiss the judgment of the lower court, which was dismissed by the Patiala court. Mika’s grandfather will be jailed for two years (Daler Mehndi Arrested).

    Navjot Singh Sidhu guilty in a road accident case

    The current resident of the same jail in Patiala Jail is Navjot Singh Sidhu. A young man died in a road accident 34 years ago. Former cricketer, comedian, and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is serving a one-year sentence in that case. He has been imprisoned in jail number 10 of Patiala Jail since May 20. Now he got a partner.

    Sidhu is sick in jail

    Navjot Singh Sidhu is physically ill. The doctors examined Sidhu’s knee. After that, they advised the Congress leader to lose weight. Not only the knee pain, but the former Indian cricketer is also having difficulty standing straight.

    Further news from sources, Sidhu slept on the floor of the barracks as per the jail rules. Instead of the floor, doctors have suggested sleeping on a bed. After that, the jail authorities arranged a bed for Sidhu as per the instructions of the doctors. The authorities of Punjab Patiala Jail have expressed their concern as Sidhu fell ill in jail.

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