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Monsoon: Release from the heat! Finally, the rains came to the country

Monsoon: Release from the heat! Finally, the rains came to the country

Bright Times News: Part of the country is burning with fire conditions for everyone in the hot sun. Even if it rains occasionally, it is not completely uncomfortable. In this situation, the meteorological office heard the good news. It rained in the country 3 days before the scheduled time. According to IMD sources, the monsoon entered Kerala on Sunday. Earlier, the weather office had said that the monsoon would set foot on the country’s soil in 2-3 days. Note that the first monsoon in the country entered Kerala. June 1 is the normal time for rains to come.

According to the IMD, the situation is favorable for the onset of monsoon in Kerala. Monsoon may enter this southern state in the next 2-3 days. During this period, some parts of the Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep may also be affected by the monsoon. Then it is known that the entry of monsoon in Kerala may be delayed this time.

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The Andaman Sea has already been swept by southwest monsoon winds. It will then move southwest toward the Arabian Sea. According to meteorologists, the monsoon conditions in Kerala will be favorable only if the winds gain stability and strength. A favorable environment has not yet been created for the arrival of monsoon in the area.

That is why the onset of the monsoon may be late. Meanwhile, a yellow alert has been issued in various districts of Kerala till May 29. The IMD said in a statement that “southwest monsoon winds could enter the South Andaman Sea and the adjoining Bay of Bengal by May 15.” Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, a spokesman for the IMD, said the normal time for the monsoon to enter the Andaman Sea was May 22.

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“The way the whole process looks, our predictions are correct,” said IMD scientist RK Jenamani weather building had earlier said that the monsoon would be normal in the country this year. According to the IMD, rains account for 85 percent of the country’s yearly rainfall. The first monsoon in the country entered Kerala. In this southern state, the rainy season begins on June 1st. According to M Ravichandran, secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, the monsoon would be regular between June and September. About 75% of the annual rainfall in the country is between June and September.



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