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Mia Khalifa was fascinated by a piece from another century “older than the United States” and showed it on networks


Mia Khalifa has a great fondness for UK culture, so much so that he has declared that Britain would be his place to move (although not soon). On this occasion, he used his social networks to leave a bit of evidence of why you feel so in awe of this country y published a video of the object “older than the United States” what did you find. The article dates from 1650, while the North American country was founded in 1776.

The former porn star shared in Instagram stories what the artifact is likewhich had a label with all its information: “17th century mortar, around 1650″. The celebrity added her personal opinion about the object: “This little mortar is older than the country of America. I obviously found this in an antique shop in the UK, not here (in the US).”

The legend with which the mortar that surprised Mia Khalifa came@miakhalifa/Instagram

Apparently, it all happened during a new visit to England, which she performs more and more frequently, when she is seen enjoying London and the Kent coast. She even said earlier in the week that she wasn’t planning on moving to the UK any time soon, but she wasn’t ruling it out. For now, she only travels to spend a few days, according to information from Daily Star.

So Is The Mortar &Quot;Older Than America&Quot; That Mia Khalifa Found
This is the mortar “older than the United States” that Mia Khalifa found@miakhalifa/Instagram

After several business trips, according to Mia, wanted to stroll through the streets of the European continent and visited some countriesincluding the UK and Italy. One of the first events she attended was in Paris, a fashion show for Off-Whitein which she was seen with some transparencies, very much in her style, and a big smile.

Mia Khalifa Was In Paris For A Fashion Event
Mia Khalifa was in Paris for a fashion event@miakhalifa/Instagram

“What a beautiful show. Honored to have been invited to such an emotional celebration. Thank you, I love you and I have always loved you, this was an absolute dream, “was the description with which she shared some photos and videos of the gala.

The Telephone Boxes In London Were One Of The Scenarios For Mia Khalifa To Take Some Photos
The telephone boxes in London were one of the scenarios for Mia Khalifa to take some photos@miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia has also just spent 15 days on the beaches of Whitstable, Kent, according to what he showed on his official Instagram account. Now a new sighting of her left her in love with that city. In the photographs she enjoys a good wine, the sunset at sea and a captain’s hat: “By the sea, Mr. Todd, that is the life I covet,” the 29-year-old left in the description.

This last phrase corresponds to a song from the movie Sweeney Toddstarring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in 2007. Also, the posting was accompanied by emojis of sea snails and some hearts.

Mia Khalifa Enjoyed The Streets Of The United Kingdom
Mia Khalifa enjoyed the streets of the United Kingdom@miakhalifa/Instagram

Although it was not the only The American expressed her joy at stepping on European lands and flooded her social networks with several photos in the different locations in which it was. For several weeks, his more than 27 million followers had the opportunity to see how she traveled and shared everything around her with them.

Mia Khalifa'S Post About Her Next Project
Mia Khalifa’s post about her next project@miakhalifa/Instagram

Between photographs with the London telephone booths in the Faversham villa, the influencer shared that her visit was for work and that she was happy to be able to announce it soon: “I cried myself to sleep every night this week with overwhelming joy. I can’t believe what we’ve done and what we’re almost ready to share with you guys…fuck…this feels good,” she wrote in one more post.


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