Monday, March 20, 2023
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Malpica, the Colombian musician and producer who “opens the field in the United States”


Malpica is the artistic project of Colombian Pablo Quintero, a musician and producer who at a very young age discovered his innate talent for playing instruments and replicating the melodies of songs he listened to with his family. His personality is outgoing and spontaneous, always carrying a message of awareness and gratitude for the planet through concerts and creations. He finds the inspiration to compose in daily life and personal experiences, yearning to have a project that transcends and is not ephemeral.

«The intention of my proposal seeks not to fit into a single genre but to be open to all sound possibilities. As a musician I was always influenced by traditional Latin American music and contemporary music made in North America and Europe. This has allowed me to have more versatility and be constantly learning”, says Pablo.

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