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lleana D’Cruz and Kaif’s brother Sebastian snapped together during Katrina’s birthday in the Maldives

lleana D'Cruz and Kaif's brother Sebastian snapped together during Katrina's birthday in the Maldives

Bright Times News: Katrina is currently in the Maldives with her family. Vicky-Kat along with other family members went to the Maldives to celebrate Kat’s birthday on July 16. There are several celebrity friends with him. They include lleana D’Cruz, Mini Mathur, and Kabir Khan. This time, a new connection began on a Maldives beach. lleana D’Cruz is rumored to be in love with Katrina’s brother.

Katrina’s brother’s name is Sebastien Laurent Michel. He is a model from London. He was last seen in Mumbai and Rajasthan during Katrina-Vicky’s wedding. Sebastian was once more spotted in the Maldives this time. B-town insiders say Sebastian and lleana have been in a relationship for about six months.

Not only that, Sebastian and lleana have been spotted at various times around Katrina’s flat. Ever since Kate’s birthday, Sebastian and lleana’s relationship has been rumored. lleana herself shared a photo with Vicky Kaushal, Mini Mathur, Sebastian, Isabelle, Anand Tiwari, and Katrina Kaif.

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lleana spent several years dating Bollywood photographer Andrew Kneebone. But they got separated. At that time, it is heard that the famous actress of ‘Barfi’ (Barfi Movie) also got married. Although lleana never commented on this.

This time around, the actress has remained mum on the rumors of a romance with Sebastian. lleana D’Cruz and Sebastian do, however, follow one another on social media. lleana once contemplated suicide as a result of a sudden weight gain. lleana honestly discussed her difficult periods in life.

When she had his back to the wall, he stated that. That’s when thoughts of suicide came to mind. Not only that. The actress also talked about her physical problems. She has frequently discussed the difficulties she encountered as a result of the illness known as “Body Dysmorphic Disorder.”

According to a story, the actress’s physical issues made her desire to walk herself to death. The matter did not escape lleana’s notice. He has to face various questions from acquaintances. He recently appeared on Instagram Live to discuss the situation.

A little angry, he said that he did not think of suicide due to ‘body dysmorphic disorder in his words, “The report may have been written with good intentions. But there are many inconsistencies written there. Yes, I have problems with my body. It started from the age of 12 only. But that is another matter entirely. But I didn’t like the fact that I was wrongly written about my guess.”

lleana is a popular actress. He has made a place in Bollywood too. He acted in many films like ‘Barfi’, ‘Main Tera Hero’, ‘Raid’ and, Rustam. Received praise.

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