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Legendary Cuban dancer Aurora Bosch celebrates her 80th birthday


As announced by the Cuban National Ballet, on December 16 they will dedicate a grand performance, known as one of the “Four Jewels” along with Loipa Araújo, Mirta Pla and Josefina Méndez.

During this special performance at the Teatro Marti, the company will present selections from works such as Giselle, Grand Pas de Quatre and Swan Lake, in which Bosch dazzles in his performance.

But the successes achieved during her time on the stage were not enough for her, and she pursued a career as a maître d’ in and out of Cuba.

On one occasion, he told Pres Latina that one of the great responsibilities of the matress “is to transmit all previous experiences so that the chain is not broken.”

So he enjoys rehearsals whether he is working with celebrities or with a dance group.

In Bosch’s opinion, it is essential that dancers bear in mind that their profession demands discipline and care because they use the body as an instrument, and also place great importance on the general training of each performer. Huh.

“The culture of a dancer is extremely important, it is not just about doing steps, when the curtain opens you must have an inner baggage to be able to display emotions and sensations”, the maître d’ admits.

Awarded the National Dance Award in 2003, Bosch has not hidden her fascination for teaching, a skill she has developed since the days when she played the Queen of the Willis in Giselle; and Odile, in Swan Lake.

Formed under the direct guidance of Alicia and Fernando Alonso, she is currently considered one of the most convincing representatives of the technical, ethical and aesthetic method of the Cuban school of ballet.

From her first years as a dancer, she developed in parallel her skills for instruction, which she cultivated with the National Dance Company of Mexico, the National Ballet of Spain, the Royal Danish Ballet and its school, and the Boston Ballet in the United States. States, among others.

According to distinguished critics, his technique was also as strong as a diamond.

On June 17, 1967, Arnold Haskell—considered the dean of world ballet criticism—immortalized Cuban dancers Aurora Bosch, Loipa Araújo, Mirta Pla and Josefina Méndez with the title of the Four Jewels.

All four carry on as important pillars of the Cuban school of ballet to this day.

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