Monday, March 27, 2023
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La Nacion/Unusual cold in November responds to climate change event, expert says


The country’s winter temperatures at this time of year, when we had days in excess of 35 °C just a few days ago, are completely unusual for the season and coincide with the La Nia phenomenon, which is characterized by drought. feature. Meteorologist Julian Baez, a member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The expert based himself on publications from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the WMO to confirm that the weather was the result of a phenomenon known as climate change.

“The phenomenon itself is unusual for that time, we have the entry of cold air from the South Pole, of course, it doesn’t become a polar wind, but it’s a very intense cold front, which happens at this time of year. Very unusual for, that is for November. However, it is not that it has never happened, it has already happened in previous years and many of those years coincide with the La Nia event in parallel ,” Bazz said in communication with “Show de Noticias” by GEN/Nación. Media..

According to the expert, this year in particular we are celebrating the third consecutive year of La Nia and fortunately, despite the second phase drought associated with this event, we are seeing significant changes from the middle and end of October. Heavy rain across the country.

“We are seeing extremes and not just in Paraguay, but across the US. We have a very unusual hurricane season in the Caribbean, last week we had another local cyclone off the coast of Venezuela, we have It’s raining a lot in Colombia, it’s raining in the north of South America and on the other hand, in this region of South America, including Paraguay, we’ve had a very pressing drought”, the professional stressed.

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Similarly, they confirmed that the rainfall over the past weeks, which were very violent, is linked to the sudden change in temperature that we are currently experiencing. All this, according to publications from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the World Meteorological Organization, is a response to climate change.

“We are systematically observing the changes of seasons over the past years, this is one of the immediate effects of climate change. The phenomenon of climate change is usually controversial, but in the end we are getting the increase in temperature which is at various points If I say that climate change is associated with temperature, and we are seeing cold here in Paraguay, then it can be said that this cold reacts in another part of the world where the phenomenon is exactly The opposite is happening,” he said.

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