Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Kyrgyzstan: “Meat prices rising because of clothes showing girls’ bodies”, Maulana’s comments spark condemnation


Bright Times News: The price of meat is increasing because women are wearing short clothes. A storm of condemnation around the world around the comments of Maulana, the awardee of Kyrgyzstan. The Maulana made such a comment at an event in the capital Bishkek recently.

As soon as his statement spread through social media, women in the Middle East country took to the streets. They requested the government to take immediate action against the Maulana. Besides, the request to remove him from the responsibility of the religious institution has also been emphasized. However, Maulana clarified that his comments are being misinterpreted.

Recently, the Maulana Sadaybakash Dulov spoke at an event in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. There he said, “Do you know when the price of meat increases? When the female body is cheap, the price goes up. And women are cheap if they show their body parts uncovered.” From that event, the former head of the Islamic University of Bishkek advised women to wear Dhaka

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Maulana’s controversial comments were first brought to light by a radio organization called ‘Radio Free Europe’. Besides, this comment quickly spread through social media, and a storm of condemnation started. Kyrgyz women appealed to the government to take immediate action against the Maulana. As the pressure increased, the investigation started on the matter.

According to sources, it has been mentioned that the Maulana did not break Islamic law. As a result, it is not clear whether he will be removed from the post of the religious institution due to this comment. On the other hand, the Muslim cleric has counter-complained that his speech has been distorted and propagated.

Currently, the price of meat in Kyrgyzstan is skyrocketing. According to official data, meat was sold at Tk 600 per kg last June. It is feared that the price of meat may increase further in the coming days. In this situation, controversy has started around the cleric’s comments. Later, while explaining his statement, he said, “There is talk about reducing the price of meat.

But it doesn’t hurt anyone’s heart when a woman walks around naked.” It should be noted that recently a video of a woman’s rude behavior on the streets of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, came to light. The statement of Maulana of Kyrgyzstan came to the fore after the incident.

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