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Kanye West Looks Unrecognizable During Yeezy Casting!

Kanye West Has Totally Changed Since Being With Bianca! He appeared unrecognizable during a Yeezy casting!

Since he’s been in a relationship with Bianca, Kanye West is totally different! He just made himself unrecognizable during a Yeezy casting! This TV tells you everything from A to Z.

How is Kanye West?

Kanye West hasn’t been the same since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. As if he had finally lost all his joy. he also has had a mental disorder, so many people moved away from him,

As a reminder, she made disparaging remarks towards Pete Davidson, who was then the reality TV star’s boyfriend. After this, Kanye West started disrespecting the communities. And this led to his downfall.

He even made many brands his enemies. Like Adidas, Gap, or Balenciaga. So he decided to take control! overnight, she gave up everything maintain mental health,

It took time for Kanye West to rebuild. and over time he has learned to heal from my old demons, Now he’s better thanks to Bianca Sensi. two got married ,

News that doesn’t make Kim happy, according to Page Six! , The family does not yet take it as a marriage. They don’t know what it is. And they’re not sure it’s a publicity stunt, says a source.

Before adding: They are waiting to see if he files the papers. And they’re nervous because if it’s real, she’ll be in the lives of the kids. , That’s why Kim Kardashian would be super jealous.

completely different body

However, other sources say otherwise , In fact, North’s mom would be reassured to see Kanye West in peace:” Kim is happy that Kanye has found someone who makes her very happy. She specifically told Us Weekly.

One thing’s for sure, Kanye West suffered! And That noticeable on his face , Imagine that after months of struggle and controversy, he agreed to pose during a casting for his brand Yeezy.

And no matter how strange it may sound, he has completely changed! Indeed, Kanye West has changed radically! This Friday, April 28, he appeared with a very different physique from the one we are used to seeing.

enough to surprised many of his fans, Kanye West has put on a lot of weight in the pictures. His belly is bigger, and looks more tired than ever!

During a casting for his brand Yeezy, Donda’s interpreter also looked downcast. As if he had just learned the terrible news… Maybe it was the incident that hurt him so much!

On the network, there are many who wonder On Bianca’s presence in his life…but Kanye West doesn’t say anything. That’s why he is very careful to avoid any kind of scam.

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