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In the absence of the Governor due to a visit to America, the Lieutenant Governor received Evo Morales. What did he say and what did he promise?

Lieutenant Governor
alexandra rodenas
In charge of the executive branch, due to the visit of Governor Omar Perotti to the United States, met at the Government House
Evo Morales
Former President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

The meeting held in the White Room was also attended by the Minister of Public Management, Marcos Korach; and Government, Justice and Human Rights, Celia Arena; provincial deputy, Leandro Busato; and Marco Enriquez Ominami, the former candidate for President of Chile.

“It is an honor, a pleasure, a pride, personally, ideologically and sympathetically, to receive Evo Morales,” said Rodenas, who highlighted the “long conversation” he had held, and
He called the former president “a man of democracy, a man of republic, who has unfortunately faced the ups and downs of so many national and popular leaders.”
of his country; And mentioned in the sense, “the oppression of those who do not understand that people have the right to choose their fate.”

The lieutenant governor explained that
Morales “was interested in the issues connected with our province, in its political structure, with our geography, morphology, territoriality.
Also, because the province is so wide, with different products, our south is very prosperous and has a very powerful waterway that takes our products to the world.”

Similarly, Rodenas remarked that “we had a long conversation about an industry that is very powerful for the province of Santa Fe: biofuels.
The government of Santa Fe is going to provide you with all the information you need regarding the sovereignty, independence and self-determination of the people.”

In that sense, the official would not work that “the great challenge is scientific-technological development, keeping alive the scientific-technological agenda among the people of Latin America” ​​and insisted that
“We have provided Evo with all the material we can give it in terms of scientific-technical matters and production.”

For his part, Morales said that “the meeting was very fruitful. I had the opportunity to speak with the deputy governor and share public management experiences, and
So many conflicts that we had: Argentina and Bolivia have the same history, from colonial times, we faced military dictatorships and sometimes neoliberal governments.

Similarly, the former President of Bolivia said that
“This meeting has been very special to my people, to our government led by Luis Arce, to tell our technicians about biofuels or biodiesel,”
and added that “with the problems between Ukraine and fuel subsidies, fuel subsidies are skyrocketing, but I think that with the knowledge and experience of the Santa Fe farmer, with its technology, reducing subsidies in liquids, It is possible to generate more economic income and more jobs”.

Finally, Morales
He expressed “thank you on behalf of the Bolivian people for these great advances in science and technology, and that they wish to share these experiences with their brothers.”

In The Absence Of The Governor Due To A Visit To America, The Lieutenant Governor Received Evo Morales. What Did He Say And What Did He Promise?

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