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In June, inflation in Mexico reached 7.99%, a level not seen in two decades


inflation Mexico grew by 0.84% ​​during June, reaching a Annual rate of 7.99%, Its highest level since January 2001, when it stood at 8.11%.

In the same month of 2021, the monthly inflation was 0.53% and the annual inflation was 5.88%, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

During June, prices came under pressure mainly due to increase in prices of food items like potatoes and other tubers, chicken; sweet bread; and snack bars, fondas, torterias, and taco shops.

Took: Banksico slashes growth expectations and forecasts peak inflation for months to come

On 4 May, the federal government launched a plan to contain inflation based on a strategy of production, distribution and foreign trade so that the products of the basic basket are “fairly priced”. Even then, Prices don’t change.

Inflation has been above the target range set by the Banco de México for 16 consecutive months (3%, +/- one percentage point).


Main Products that Affect Inflation They were potatoes and other tubers (28.62%), oranges (24.85%); sweet bread (2.29%); chicken (3.35%); electricity (2.59%); packaged soft drinks (1.66%); lunchboxes, taverns, cake shops and taco shops (0.96%), restaurants and similar (0.99%); and low octane gasoline (0.57%).

In contrast, most products and services they cut their price They were house gas, lime, serrano pepper, onion, grapefruit, tomato and poblano pepper.

The underlying price index, which includes goods and services whose price increases are less volatile, registered an increase of 0.77% at the monthly rate and 7.49% at the annual rate.

Within the underlying index, on a monthly rate, the prices of goods increased by 1.00% and the prices of services by 0.50%.

Within the non-core index, on a monthly rate, agricultural products prices increased by 1.76% and government-authorized energy and tariff prices by 0.49%.

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