Monday, March 27, 2023
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In Delhi, the risk of the corona is rising once more!

Following the drop in omega dispersion recorded in Delhi earlier this year, there is rising concern about a return to corona danger.

The coronavirus, which is wreaking havoc throughout the world, has infected a large number of individuals.The second wave of the Delta virus appeared in India after the first phase of Corona. In India, the Delta virus has caused widespread devastation and death.

Following it, Omicron launched India’s third wave. The omega-3 prevalence was high, but the death rate was low. Omega was so down in March.

In such a context, corona cases are once again on the rise in Delhi.

Following the relaxation of the limitations, a surge of corona cases has resurfaced, causing alarm. Meanwhile, major news has emerged from India’s capital, Delhi. On Monday, the rate of corona infection in Delhi climbed for the third day in a row. The surge in Corona infection rates has sparked new concerns. On April 5, the infection rate had dropped to less than 1% after nearly a month and a half.Let us inform you that fears regarding the fourth wave of corona in the country were expressed in May-June. The increase in infection rate is concerning in such a setting.

Corona is making a comeback in India’s capital, Delhi. In three days, the infection rate of Kovid-19 has grown daily. Despite the fact that this growth is not significant, there are indicators of growing concern.

In the previous 24 hours, 176 persons in Delhi have been infected with a coronavirus. This is a 40% increase over the previous day.

126 persons were afflicted with Corona yesterday. One individual was killed. Today, however, no casualties have been reported.

In a single day, the total number of casualties increased from 176 to 18,65,796. Due to this, the total death toll had gone up to 26,155.

362 persons have been placed in home isolation due to corona infection. In the hospital in Delhi, there are 9,745 beds available for corona treatment, but only 39 are now in use.

On January 13, this year, the maximum number of persons infected with a corona in a single day was 28,867 in Delhi.

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