Friday, February 3, 2023

In Balochistan, a Pakistan Army chopper crashes with top officers aboard

Bright Times News: On Monday night, a Pakistani Army helicopter that was carrying senior army leaders, including Lt. Gen. Sarfaraz Ali, commander of the XII Corps, crashed near Las Bela in Balochistan.

The crash reportedly took place between Windar and the Sassi Punnu Shrine in Balochistan.

The helicopter, which was helping with flood relief efforts in the area, vanished after losing touch with air traffic control, according to a statement from the Pakistani military.

The Print was informed by sources in Pakistan that the wreckage of the crashed aircraft was discovered following the initiation of a search and rescue operation after the helicopter vanished from radar.

While casualties are feared in the crash, the sources said it was too early to figure out why the crash took place.

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Shehbaz Sharif, the current prime minister of Pakistan, and Imran Khan, a former prime minister, both posted on social media to express their sorrow and to pray for those on the missing helicopter.

DG Coast Guard, 2 Majors can also board

Six Pakistani military personnel, including the Corps commander, were reported aboard the chopper.

In Balochistan, the helicopter was assisting with flood relief efforts. According to rumors, the aircraft apparently may have been carrying Brigadier Amjad Hanif Satti, Director General of the Pakistani Coast Guard.

According to reports, the DG and two Major Generals of the Pakistani Army were also inside the chopper when it crashed. On that note, confirmation is still pending.

The Pakistan Army has been involved in flood relief work in the Balochistan region after the above-normal rains resulted in floods, killing many people and disrupting life.

The loss of an army aviation helicopter from Balochistan is concerning, prime minister Shehbaz Sharif stated upon the announcement of the incident. God be praised for these sons of the nation who stepped forward to aid flood victims and are now safe, secure, and back home. God bless.”

Imran Khan, the former prime minister, said “disturbing news of the disappearance of an army aviation helicopter and prayers for all aboard”.

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