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If you give a password to a friend, your expenses will increase! New plans with stricter rules on Netflix

Bright Times News: Netflix’s subscriber base has plummeted in the past few months. US streaming companies are said to be losing business due to the trend of password sharing among customers. Netflix has come up with a new plan to stop password sharing. If you want to log into Netflix from a second home, the account owner will have to pay extra. The company claims this way will stop free password sharing.

According to a report, if you want to log into the same account and stream from a second home, you will have to pay extra. Although in that case, the cost will be much lower than the normal plan.

Netflix says around 10 million customers worldwide stream the company’s platform for free using other people’s passwords. In the US and Canada alone, Netflix runs on password sharing in about 30 million homes.

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In March of this year, Netflix brought added an extra member feature to several South American countries including Chile and Costa Rica. There too, customers had to pay separately for additional home streaming. This time Netflix started this rule in Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Streaming Netflix from a second home in Argentina costs 219 Argentine peso (around Rs. 140). Meanwhile, streaming Netflix from a second home in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras will cost an extra $2.99 ​​(roughly Rs. 240). Customers will pay this extra to stream Netflix to each additional home.

Basic plan customers will get one additional home login facility. Meanwhile, recharging the standard plan will allow you to log into Netflix from 2 additional homes. Premium plan subscribers can log into the same Netflix account from up to 3 additional homes simultaneously.

However, Netflix said that the company’s services can be used completely free of charge while traveling.

The company’s customer support website has informed us that if you are away from home, you have to verify your identity sometimes. Especially if you are away from home for many days in a row, you may have to go through this process.

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