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IAS Topper Tina Dabi finally breaks silence on social media regarding her second marriage


Tina Dabi, who has been the topper of UPSC batch 2015, is going to marry her second marriage after seven months of divorce from her first marriage. Now Tina and IAS Pradeep Gawande are in a relationship.

Who is also the Director of the Archaeological Department of Rajasthan? People came to know about their relationship when Tina Dabi shared some of her pictures with Pradeep on her Instagram IG just a few days back.

Tina will marry on April 20

Talk of Tina Dabi and Pradeep’s marriage is also going on, according to the reports, the date of their marriage will be April 20. After the wedding, there is also going to be a grand reception in Jaipur on April 22 to celebrate the marriage of Tina and Pradeep. In an interview, Tina told about Pradeep that he is from the SC community like me. Not only this, like Pradeep, my mother is also Marathi. My mother and they are all from the same caste.

Tina’s first marriage

Tina Dabi was earlier married in 2018 to her batchmate Athar Aamir Khan who is the second topper of 2015 UPSC batch. The two first met during the IAS training in Mussoorie. Tina married Athar Khan at the end of her training in 2018 after love at first sight. However, their relationship did not last long.

Tina and Athar’s relationship deteriorated when Tina Dabi dropped her husband’s surname ‘Khan’ in front of her name. After this, both of them legally separated in 2021 after both filed for divorce in Rajasthan court in 2020.

Riya was seen walking with his brother-in-law

Tina Dabi’s sister Riya Dabi has shared a picture on her Instagram with sister Tina and brother-in-law Pradeep Gawande. The picture is from Mumbai’s Gateway of India and Riya has written ‘Happy Memory’ in the caption of this picture.

Tina breaks silence

Tina has broken her silence on the discussions about her relationship with Pradeep. He replied to users’ comments in an Instagram post. Wrote, ‘Hi All… Hope you all are well. Now we are moving towards a happy future. At the same time, without the trollers, they are also entertaining the comments with logic and immature. It is a matter of laughter how he is bringing his sick thoughts among us.

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