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How to get the most out of Skype with the Today tab and Bing AI Co-Pilot

Despite the numerous alternatives, Skype is still very popular. It allows you to call, video call, chat and share files with people from all over the world. Skype also integrates with other Microsoft tools like Outlook, OneDrive or Teams, making collaboration and productivity easier.

To further improve the experience for Skype users, Microsoft has released a new preview version of Skype for Insiders on multiple platforms. This update is which includes some cool new features along with lots of fixes and improvements. However, these changes will be implemented gradually over the next few days.

What’s new in Skype Insider build

One of the most notable new features in Skype Insider Build is the inclusion of the Today tab in the Skype desktop app. This tab was previously available to mobile users, but is now available to desktop users with the latest preview version of Skype.

Skype’s Today tab keeps you up to date with the latest news and trends. You can customize it to display the news and trends that matter to you. However, the Today tab is restricted to users in the United States.

Another important development is the addition of a new “GPT AI Co-Pilot” conversation header to Skype on all platforms. With the latest preview release, Skype users can “continue to enjoy real-time responses and insights powered by artificial intelligence, as well as improve their chat experience with Bing on Top Conversations.” One to one and in groups.

In addition, Microsoft has improved the stability of the preview app as well as fixed bugs. You can read the full official log to see what has been fixed.

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It is important to note that these changes are available to people registered as Skype Insiders. If not, you will not get the version described above. The good news is that these changes will be available to everyone after passing the relevant tests.

correction of errors

  • Translating Skype chats (1:1) into translated conversations only works one way on Windows.
  • Tapping on the notification did not navigate directly to the message where this response occurred on the iPhone.
  • Share button was sharing the link twice on iOS.
  • No missed call notification on iOS.
  • The UI doesn’t work when you mark up your own web posts on Mac.

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