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How to Find the Perfect Guest Look: Tips for Not Failing to Try, According to Ines Martin Alcalde


Courtesy Ines Martin Meyer

    Some time ago weddings They are not only concentrated at a single time of year—usually associated with the summer season—today they are spread throughout the year. An advantage for many couples, in the months in which these celebrations were traditionally marked, it was impossible to find a free date, which could have become the case for guests. And disability, To the base dress and footwear choice of any summer style, we must now add accessories or garments needed to withstand the low temperatures that are the protagonists of autumn or winter weddings. a fact that complicates One of the biggest stylistic challenges we face every year: coming up with the perfect guest look,

    And it’s that we can’t deceive ourselves by not choosing a design, be it a dress, a suit jacket or a set of skirts and tops, that suits our needs, both for style and money. In the case, which maintains the protocol and moreover, making us feel good is no easy task, so any advice can be useful, especially as a reference to those who need to do these things from now until the end of the year. Invited to functions.

    Ines Martin Meyer

    Courtesy Ines Martin Meyer

    Ines Martin MeyerOne of the most admired designers within our borders thanks to her skill with Sui and her steadfast commitment to the avant-garde, claiming to have created great references on social networks and even Donna Letizia may, have keys So as not to fail in the effort in this insatiable search.

    As reflected in its collections, which draw inspiration from Paris, Milan, London and of course, Ibiza and its markets, the safe bet is quality, timeless designs that eschew trends but individuality, their own identity.

    Tips for future guests

    The designer points to four determining points, Advice As easy to carry out as effective.

    1. lawyer for him ‘less is more’
    2. Play around with different shades in the same color range to add looks and mix textures.
    3. Mix clothes that seem more appropriate for nights in daytime outfits, and vice versa.
    4. Play with length to create convertible dresses, that is, motions that can be customized from day to night, such as models with different layers that can be added or removed depending on preferences and the moment.
      1. Ines Martin Meyer

        Designer Ines Martin Alcalde.

        Courtesy Ines Martin Meyer

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