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Her boyfriend went to live in the United States, they “cut” and the outcome of the story outraged his followers


Fate sometimes gives second chances to write a story and that was what happened to a Mexican couple. In 2020, the young man proposed to his girlfriend, but four months after the wedding, left to work in the United States.

With the distance and with different goals, the couple finally made the decision to separate. Some time later, their new opportunity to rebuild their path together and also their commitment arrived. The bride told her story on her TikTok account, where she received many comments from skeptics showed that they completely disbelieve in love in the second round.

Through the account, @eres_escogida, the young woman identified as Kathe shared her story that she filled with photos of some of the stages that were important at that time. “Two months after the wedding we ended the relationship and I felt that my world fell apart”he recounted.

A young woman was reunited with her fiancé and decided to resume the story that ended years ago

Then, he began to describe his way of dealing with that duel: “I decided to focus on God and work on my dreams, although it hurt a lot. I traveled to many countries and worked on my mental health. I grew up like never before. I understood that not everything happens as we want, but God did know why he allowed it that way.”

However, his life experience had an unexpected twist. Although he did not delve into how her reunion happened, he did share a video in which they both appear together while celebrating her birthday. Suddenly, he takes the floor and says: “Thanks for being. In front of everyone I want to ask you if you want to marry me… For the second time”.

After a long “mourning” process, the young woman was reunited with her ex-fiancé

After the proposal, in which they visibly reacted with happiness, they decided to give themselves the opportunity to write their destinies, now together. As moving as this case was for some, others gave advice to Kathe, who had to make a clarification after receiving so many messages.

In less than 24 hours, the clip accumulated more than 2.2 million reproductions and two thousand comments: “Again? Well, if it wasn’t for anything bad that they ended, that’s fine, but If he walked away once, he will do it again.”they warned her, to which the content creator replied: “We ended up because we were not ready to get married, we wanted to heal and be ready before start a family.”

However, his intervention did not lower the decibels of the debate: “Look guys, nothing happens without God allowing it and If he gave you this second chance, take advantage of it and love each other like never before. and, above all, respect each other”, wrote a woman. On her part, another left a sentence: “They’re going to finish.” While one more put herself in Kathe’s shoes: “I would not do it”.

Also, the couple received encouragement from the faithful believers of second chances: “They had to grow and heal individually and then share everything together. A beautiful story, God bless you. The love conquers all”, expressed a user.


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