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He was in the 50 North American states and says which are the most overvalued: “There are more things”


Katherine Parker-Magyar is a traveler who, when she was 13 years old visited his 50th state in the North American country and since then he returned to each of them on different occasions. In his perspective, there are some who because of their fame receive so much attention that they may not deserve it at all. Now, in a summary for Insider, listed some unknown activities that can be performed on those who are not used to having the spotlight on them.

As a traveling woman, Katherine recommends visiting the coast of Maine or the mountains of Vermont before New Hampshire because even though this one has Lake Winnipesaukee, rugged and remote Moosehead Lake can be reached, in the highlands of Maine for a wilder experience. Additionally, those seeking mountains can enjoy Vermont’s Green Mountains, which are home to charming towns.

New HampshireUnsplash

Although this United States destination attracts many visitors for its natural beauty. This traveler gave other options without so many tourists, whose effects are the main factors why she chooses points like Santa Fe, in New Mexico, or Reno, in Nevada.

Parker-Magyar said Colorado has great places to ski, but there’s more to see outside of the state, like in Wyoming. If you are looking for a more remote and authentic cowboy experiencevisitors can find it in that last destination and also in Montana.


Although it has received a lot of publicity for being beautiful, Oregon has many attractions, but Portland especially isn’t Parker-Magyar’s favorite destination. “I think she often comes off as cluttered and expensive and pretentious,” she said. On her site, she suggested considering visiting Seattle, Washington, famous for its coffeehouse culture and music scene.


From this globetrotter’s conception, Connecticut is elegant and pretty, but not magical. In case you are looking for sophistication and elegance, recommends getting to know New York’s Upper East Side better. If you prefer nautical charm, you can drive east to Rhode Island.

Connecticut has its own charms, especially the Madison waterfront, but Katherine felt that as someone from the tri-state, it is less tempting than disconcerting in its unrelenting perfection.


“There are more things in the Midwest than in Missouri”began about the attention that this cosmopolitan capital receives, which although it has great attractions, said that the Midwest is best appreciated in rural areas, which can be found in the bordering states of Kansas and Nebraska.

Although Katherine has had a great time in Pennsylvania, other parts of the West Coast impress her more. “When I was a child and I traveled in the backseat of my parents’ car, it always seemed to me that Pennsylvania was endless, from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (…) Perhaps because I am from a state bordering New Jersey, the landscape seemed less impressive and too familiar. But even now, as an adult, I think if you’re going to take a road trip from the south to New England, you’re better off staying on the coast,” she closed.


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