He showed the work in the United States for which you can earn $ 45 an hour to watch Netflix and it went viral

    Watching Netflix could become a job

    Watching Netflix is ​​not just a form of entertainment and to learn about new topics with its film products, but now can also become a source of employment for multiple people. Apparently, the streaming giant is looking for some of its users to work as taggers with pay of up to $45 an hour. A tiktoker was in charge of making this information known and many wanted to start immediately.

    According to the influencer, this job consists of watching Netflix content and then put some labels on it regarding its theme. The objective of this is that the platform will serve to recommend content related to the movies or series they watch to its subscribers. That is, to customize everything that appears in the recommendations section.

    The job is done remotely, according to user @businessbabe1.0 and the payment would be quite good. In a way, it seems like the dream of many: to watch television and receive an income for it. What workers must do is select the best section to locate certain products so that Netflix shows them in viewers’ feeds.

    A tiktoker said how you can earn 45 dollars an hour working on Netflix

    “These tags contain metadata information, including the shows’ release year, languages, directors, cast members, and scene type,” according to the portal. Dollar Breakwhich listed some ways to make money through Netflix.

    According to the testimony of the tiktoker, there are some points that must be taken into account before getting your hopes up with this dream job. Apparently, it’s a job that is put up for sale infrequently. That is to say that there are not always vacancies available and that when there are they fill quickly. Even at this time it is not in force in the streaming service job board.

    To work with one of the largest entertainment companies, all you have to do is go to their dedicated employment website: www.jobs.netflix.com and find out what positions are available. There are several options suitable for different types of profiles.

    Watching Netflix could become a job

    In the case of the tagger job, you can tell if it is open by searching for the word “tagger” in the search bar within the aforementioned web portal. If it were to appear, only those who are qualified and knowledgeable about writing and the entertainment industry would qualify.

    Although the tiktoker said that Netflix paid $45 an hour, the reality is that this information cannot be confirmed because the job is currently unavailable. On this point, Dollar Break clarified: “The payout structure for paid basic taggers is $8.99 per program when viewing on a screen in SD quality. The next pay tier is standard, which pays $12.99 per show when you watch on two screens with HD available. Finally, the Premium payout is $15.99 per show when you watch your shows on four screens with Ultra HD and HD options available.”




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