Monday, March 20, 2023
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He Says He Can Make Up To $180,000 A Year From Going To The Bathroom And Describes How He Does It


A young woman revealed quirky side job that can earn up to $180,000 a year for doing the basic necessities. In a short video that accumulates more than 160,000 reproductions, the tiktoker Isafidelino shared the method that allows “getting paid for something you do every day”.

In her short clip, the young woman assured that all you have to do is visit the website and then review all the requirements they ask for on the donors page in order to put feces to useful use. As he said, if the different qualifications are passed, each donation would earn $500. If this is done every day of the year, a total of $180,000 could be received.

Young man reveals how to earn thousands of dollars for going to the bathroom

The steps are simple, first of all you are asked to fill out a selection questionnaire to find out if the donor can earn 500 dollars every time he goes to the bathroom. They also check the status of the solid waste and then request a video interview.

The organization ensures that all shipping and packaging costs are paid in advance and that the collection process consists of storing the sample in a plastic bag and send it to Human Microbes on dry ice. It also ensures that donors remain anonymous, so there is no way for anyone to find out where they get their earnings from.

Human Microbes details on its website that the trillions of microbes that live in the intestines affect and regulate all aspects of human health and development. “This ecosystem of microbes, comprising thousands of species of bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi, constitutes the gut microbiome”.

Likewise, he points out that thanks to technologies it is known that Gut microbiomes contribute to health and traits like genesso it is a major problem that most people in modern society have poor health and damaged microbiomes: “Our objetive is to find less than 0.1% of people who are healthy enough to be high-quality stool donors and connect them with doctors, researchers, clinical trials, and people who need to rebalance their microbiome.”

An organization seeks donors for something that is done every dayUnsplash

The organization added that it has screened 26,000 potential donors and still can’t find enough high-quality ones, so it increased the financial incentive. In addition, they must have exceptional physical and mental health. “Ideally, they should be young, high-level athletes, under 30 years of age.” Minimal use of antibiotics should also be made. Due to the high standards, few people are likely to qualify.

As a result of how disconcerting this side business was, the tiktoker’s story went viral and the virtual community could not help but react to her recommendation: “It would make me a millionaire.” “There is no way”. “I applied like 9 months ago and I haven’t received a response.” “They only want it if you’re basically an Olympian. Other than that, you’re not getting it,” they left him.


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