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He recounted a strange experience in an American restaurant and said: “It’s what happens to us newcomers”


Ale is a Peruvian who lives in the North American country with her boyfriend of Australian origin. She won a Green Card some time ago through the Visa Lottery and she started her life from scratch with her partner in the hope of adapting to USA. Everything was going well until an experience in a restaurant made her doubt whether that happened with all newly arrived migrants and she said very disappointed.

Apparently, the case “was not so serious” from his consideration, but he wanted to express it to share it with all his followers. What happened was that she and her boyfriend, identified as Sam, went to a Mexican food restaurant for the first time without imagining that they would have a strange experience: “Things that sometimes happen to those of us who just arrived in the country,” read the description of the clip.

They didn’t know how to order as the menu was different from other places so they were quite confused and they asked one of the employees. Two seconds later, they regretted it because their attitude was not the best: “The girl looked at him in a horrible way and not only did he look at him but he swept him from head to toe… he turned his eyes and told him that if he had never tried this, something like that was weird”, mentioned the tiktoker (@alefromtheblog).

The attitude of a US worker to “newly arrived” migrants

The worker’s supervisor noticed what happened and attended to his new guests. He asked the employee to leave and he himself explained to them how the combinations were made within the menu in a quite friendly way, according to what Ale told in his video: “He is really super cute and the food is great. ”.

After giving an explanation of what happened, the Peruvian was disappointed to have received such treatment just for being from another country: “What is the need to treat the migrant like this? In other words, we are new, we have not yet adapted, ”she mentioned.

His countenance during the recording he shared on TikTok was desolation for the treatment receivedsince from their perspective the worker had given them a bad service by seeing that they were of different nationalities.

The virtual community of the social network did not hesitate to share your own views on the situation. While some thought it was something to worry about and gave him words of encouragement, others wrote that he was really just not a customer service person.

Customer service in the United States, and in any country, often causes disputes between the company and the consumer

“I would have made the comment in good spirits to the supervisor with the idea of ​​making a contribution and that the attention be empathetic”, “Everywhere you will find the good and the bad. The good ones are more”, “Very bad on the part of the girl because perhaps it does not only do it with immigrants but also with tourists who do not have to know the place”, were the reactions he received.


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