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He noted how much it costs to live alone in the United States and drew attention to one statistic: “they are too many”.


cost of living in united states This is usually a matter of debate among foreigners and residents, as there are some who seek to fulfill the so-called “American Dream”. Some do not agree that quality of life is improved in this way because, although it is earned in dollars, it is spent in the same currency, moreover Rent price or real estate purchase is too high, This was what Mexican TikToker Fernanda said, He moved to a North American country to study.

The young woman is Mexican and has moved to North Carolina to pursue a master’s in business administration, but Ever since he changed his place of residence, the virtual community inquired about his expenses., By being alone, she can give a bigger picture to all who want to make their way to the United States in similar circumstances.

He first spoke about his apartment and the details about it via a TikTok video (@feer_navarrete). He said it is a studio type space consisting of a bedroom, kitchen and a small laundry room. Other than this Rent for $1,300 includes refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer and washer,

A Mexican lives alone in the US and says how much she spends per month

The most interesting thing in his opinion was that the building was new when he first came to live there in 2021. Then, The owners plan the proposal to make it more attractive And fill in all the blanks as follows: Pay two months’ rent to the new tenants. Thus, in the first 60 days of his stay in North Carolina, he did not pay, but he now makes timely disbursements of US$1,300.

content creator Admittedly the price is quite affordable Because it is located in a central area and reported that “fares are very high in the US”. The people playing his clip did not have the same opinion.

Being Mexican, she has some followers who are originally from this country, so she paid US$1,300 for the rent in the national currency and was surprised by the final number: “26,000 pesos fareOne person wrote with some shocking emoji.

Fernanda announced that It also pays for services other than food, transportation, and your school expenses, Although in reality he only stated how much he paid for his bills: US$40 for internet; US$35 for electricity; and US$15 for water.

He also had some recommendations. For all who want to follow in his footsteps. In her case, she also has a part-time job, as she studies full-time while receiving financial support from her parents, who do not live with her.

Rentals in some US cities are more expensive than othersunsplash

The average cost to rent a two bedroom apartment is at least $1,900.According to a study conducted by the portal smartasset, dedicated to financial analysis. In this sense, the Department of Housing and Urban Development urged all citizens to keep an eye on their economy and get a house that does not exceed 30% of their monthly income.


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